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Taco Bell Dog Screen Savers 1 & 2

Sound Clips

"Yo quiero taco bell"
"What is a logarithm?"
"Who did you expect, Shaquille O'Neil?"
"A taco revolution... I am there."
"Viva gorditas!"
"Bless you taco bell"
"Here lizard lizard lizard"
"I think I need a bigger box"
Godzilla drive through
Hasta la Vist Whopper
Welcome my Brother
Chicken Channel
Getting Sleepy
Dream about.....girls?
I think i'm in love
Jack in the Box advertisement
Hey senorita, you,me, gordita.
Cant this boat go any faster?

Pray for me mi amigos
Pray for me mis amigos


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Talking Taco Bell Dogs

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Talking Taco Bell Dogs are Here

Video Clips

Sticking his head through the flowers - 745k
Cars passing by - 672k
Pushing head though - 605k
Shaquille O'Neil commercial - 1.16mb
Taco Revolution commercial - 1.53mb
"A taco revolution.. I am there" - 1.17mb
Viva gorditas original full - 2.32mb
"Viva gorditas" - 763k
Viva gorditas commercial - 740k
Gorditas singalong - 2.5mb
"Bless you taco bell" - 785k
Godzilla - 1.96mb
"Here lizard lizard lizard" - 710k
"I think I need a bigger box" - 939k
Runs past the girl dog - 1.74mb

Runs up the stairs - 1.17mb

Hasta la Vista Whopper - 1.5mb

Welcome My Brother - 1.9mb

Gooooooooey! - 200kb

Helloooooo Friend! - 300kb

Crank Up the Heat....Scooz Me! - 214kb

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