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ball1.gif (595 bytes) Pickens, Bengals meet today
ball1.gif (595 bytes) Coslet: Not a 'give-up year'
ball1.gif (595 bytes) O'Donnell helps Titans get ready for Bengals
ball1.gif (595 bytes) Notebook: Smith back with his top college receiver
ball1.gif (595 bytes) Coslet: 'We're too young'
ball1.gif (595 bytes) Young team will just see what happens


ball1.gif (595 bytes) Notebook: Secondary young and restless
ball1.gif (595 bytes) Bengals give up on Sawyer at corner
ball1.gif (595 bytes) Notebook: New snapper, new holder; no problem
ball1.gif (595 bytes) Francis gets message: Too old


ball1.gif (595 bytes) Corey Dillon and Paul Justin connect on a 41-yard pass play in the second
ball1.gif (595 bytes) Jeff Blake hits Darnay Scott on a 61-yard catch and run to put the Bengals up
22-21 in the third quarter.
ball1.gif (595 bytes) Sam Shade returns a fumble 55 yards for a touchdown to give the Bengals a 10-0 lead in the second quarter.
ball1.gif (595 bytes) Stepfret Williams scores on a 19-yard pass from Eric Kresser to cut the Colts'
lead to 39-26 in the fourth quarter.
ball1.gif (595 bytes) Darnay Scott scores on an 8-yard pass from Neil O'Donnell to pull the Bengals to within 10-6 in the second quarter.
ball1.gif (595 bytes)Brian Milne scores from 1-yard out to cut the Jaguars lead to 17-7 in the first quarter.
ball1.gif (595 bytes)Brandon Bennett scores from 2 yards out to pull the Bengals to within 17-13 in the third quarter.
ball1.gif (595 bytes)Bengals kicker Doug Pelfrey closes the Viking's lead to 7-3 in the second quarter with this 37-yard field goal.
ball1.gif (595 bytes)The Bengals score their first touchdown of the day on this 9-yard pass form Paul
Justin to Damon Gibson.


Awesome Cincinnati Bengals
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Bengals finally sign No. 1 pick
Bengals top draft pick Justin Smith signed a six-year contract Saturday mainly because he decided it was time. But it's not in time for him to play today when the Bengals open the 2001 season against New England at home.

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Bengals need to pressure Bledsoe
Today's rematch at Paul Brown Stadium figures to be just as close as last season's game in New England, won 16-13 by the Patriots.

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Kitna era begins, by God
Jon Kitna is the 10th quarterback to begin a game for the Bengals in the last, lost decade, but the first to wear a ballcap with a cross on the front.

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ball1.gif (595 bytes)Bengals Trim Roster to 53
ball1.gif (595 bytes)Bengals 16, Falcons 28
ball1.gif (595 bytes)News - 9/2
ball1.gif (595 bytes)David Dunn Returning?
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~Photo Gallery~
ball1.gif (595 bytes)Gunnar Esiason cheers his dad
ball1.gif (595 bytes)Darnay Scott runs away from defenders on his 77-yard TD catch
ball1.gif (595 bytes)Esiason and Scott congratulate each other after their TD connection.
ball1.gif (595 bytes)Gerard Dixon gets one of his three sacks of Eric Zeier.
Reinard Wilson levels Eric Zeier.
ball1.gif (595 bytes)Corey Dillon rushing for 60 yards on 24 carries.
ball1.gif (595 bytes)Boomer Esiason was pressured often by the Ravens and sacked three times.
ball1.gif (595 bytes)Corey Dillon gained 127 yards and became the first Bengal to pass 1,000 in a
season since 1992

ball1.gif (595 bytes)Eric Bieniemy eludes three Cowboys defenders on a 20-yard TD run.
ball1.gif (595 bytes)David Dunn celebrates his 32-yard TD catch with the Bengals mascot.
ball1.gif (595 bytes)Corey Sawyer keeps the ball after his second interception.

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