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Shopping carts work very well for sites that sell all types of merchandise. It takes less time for the customer to order which increases your sales.

When a person clicks the "Add to Cart" button, it will add the items they want to purchase in their "cart". When they are all finished shopping, they can "check out" and then submit their billing information. We even even add a secure PayPal shopping cart system to your site, so your customers will be able to make payments instantly, so all you do is ship the products out to them!

When the customers fill out the form to purchase items, the information gets sent to the seller instantly, and sends a confirmation notice to the buyer. The seller can choose any type of payments to accept and they can bill the customer however they like.

Feel free to check out the following websites below which use secure shopping cart ordering systems.

Antenna Booster Cell Phones 4 Cheap RKDM Novelties
Green Laser Pointer Hub Cap Odor B Gone
Micro RC Cars Perfect Pancake Mini RC Helicopter

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