Tweety Quiz

Q1. What was the title of Tweety's first cartoon?
A) A Tale of Two Kitties
B) Birdy and the Beast
C) Tweety Pie

Q2. Who created Tweety Bird?
A) Warren Foster
B) Mel Blanc
C) Bob Clampett

Q3. What color was Tweety before he was changed to yellow?
A) Pink
B) Orange
C) Blue

Q4. What color are Tweety's eyes?
A) Brown
B) Blue
C) Green

Q5. What was Tweety's name before it was changed to Tweety?
A) Orson
B) Peety
C) Barry

Q6. How many strands of hair does Tweety have?
A) 1
B) 2
C) 3

Q7. In what year did Tweety and Sylvester move into the same house?
A) 1947
B) 1949
C) 1951

Q8. Who does Tweety belong to?
A) Auntie
B) Ginger
C) Granny

Q9. What was the first Warner Bros. cartoon to win an Oscar?
A) Birdy and the Beast
B) Tweetie Pie
C) Life With Feathers

Q10. When did Tweety star in his first cartoon?
A) 1942
B) 1944
C) 1946

Q11. What is Tweety's famous phrase?
A) Life is like a box of chocolates...
B) I tawt I taw a puddy-tat!
C) What's up doc?

Q12. What type of animal is Tweety's enemy, Sylvester?
A) A dog
B) A bird
C) A cat

Q13. What other way has Tweety's name been spelled in a Warner Bros. cartoon?
A) Tweetie
B) Twety
C) Tweetty

Q14. Who recorded the hit song "I Tawt I Taw a Puddy-Tat" in 1950?
A) Mel Blanc
B) Alan Livingston
C) Joe Alaskey

Q15. How many eyelashes does Tweety have on each eye?
A) 2
B) 3
C) 4

Q16. How did Tweety and Sylvester meet?
A) Granny found them at the pound and brought them both home
B) Granny already had Tweety and rescued Sylvester from a blizzard
C) Granny already had Sylvester and rescued Tweety from a blizzard

Q17. What type of bird is Tweety?
A) Parakeet
B) Finch
C) Canary

Q18. Who did the voice of Tweety in the original cartoons?
A) Mel Blanc
B) Joe Alaskey
C) Friz Freleng

Q19. Who does the voice for Tweety today?
A) Mel Blanc
B) Joe Alaskey
C) Friz Freleng

Q20. What is the name of this site?
A) Tweety World
B) CJ's Stupid Tweety Page
C) Tweety's Boring Town

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