Tweety Characters

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TWEETY (voiced by Joe Alaskey)
Tweety, an innocent and lovable yellow canary, is once again teamed with his adoring caretaker, dear ol' Granny. As always, Tweety is the center of Granny's world. Unfortunately, Tweety's greatest adversary, Sylvester, would like to put an end to Tweety's world -- with one scrumptious bite. In spite of it all, Tweety remains Granny's most adored and favored pet as well as her crimefighting lucky charm. Tweety always remains calm in the face of danger and is able to keep Sylvester at arms length outsmarting the foxy feline time after time. Tweety exudes trustworthy confidence and his feathers are never ruffled. He's the smartest little canary there is and often takes pity on "the poor, poor puddy tat."

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SYLVESTER (voiced by Joe Alaskey)
Sylvester, one of the world's most famous felines, is on the prowl in all new adventures. The crafty and cunning classic Warner Bros. cat continues his lifetime pursuit of Granny's "juicy" yellow canary...the legendary Tweety Bird...and his lifetime annoyance, Granny's bullish bulldog, Hector.

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GRANNY (voiced by June Foray)
Granny is the eccentric, world-renowned, yet somewhat forgetful, detective who marches to the beat of her own drum. Unbelievably, she is always able to crack a case with amazing last-minute investigative work. In her golden years, Granny has developed a true passion for adventure. Whether it's rollerblading, hang-gliding or bungee jumping, Granny lives life to the fullest. She journeys everywhere on earth solving impossible crimes with her indomitable spirit and keen sense of justice. Granny is joined by her loyal companion Tweety Bird (also an ace crime sleuth), Sylvester, the fast-talking feline who can't wait to swallow the little yellow canary, and Hector, a burly bulldog who's always looking out for dear ol' Granny.

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HECTOR THE BULLDOG (voiced by Frank Welker)
This burly canine, Hector, regards himself as Granny's heroic hound. he has a heart of gold, amazing brute strength and a faithful disposition. But his biggest obstacle is his mind. It's a real liability and it causes him tremendous anxiety when he really has to think. He is a terrible decision-maker and is often taken advantage of by the sly feline, Sylvester. Sylvester is well aware of Hector's limitations and will con the poor pup every chance he gets. Conversely, Hector knows Sylvester can't stand to do something he doesn't want to, therefore, the loveable "lapdog" will happily shove the reluctant feline across the floor, 'volunteering' him for Granny's latest menial task -- which Sylvester will probably trick the dog into actually performing later. Together this cat and dog serve as each other's greatest challenge.

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