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Donate to organizations helping tigers. There are many great organizations trying to save tigers and some that rescue tigers (and other animals). Some organizations do both. You don't necessarily have to donate money (but that does help). Organizations like Valley of the Kings Sanctuary & Retreat list items in a "Wish List" that they need to help care for the animals and the land they are on, etc. *Special Project*
Purchase any item from the All for TIGERS! Store and all proceeds will be donated to Valley of the Kings Sanctuary & Retreat.
   "Adopt" a tiger that is at a refuge such as Valley of the Kings Sanctuary & Retreat. Do NOT buy a tiger as a pet! This is bad for the tiger as most people do not know how to properly care for a tiger or can not afford to properly care for a tiger. Tigers are wild animals and are not domestic. They can not be domesticated. They need a special diet, special medical care, and lots of room. You can sponsor a tiger at VOTK for $2000 (US funds) a year. If you think that is too much to spend - how would you care for a tiger of your own?!
   Don't buy anything made with tiger parts or fur. Many tiger parts are used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. One of the highest demand markets for these products is the United States. Don't wear any animals' fur.
   Don't hunt. Human's are the only animals that hunt for pleasure. Only human's can stop this stupidity. Hunting is not a sport, it's killing for pleasure.
   Teach your children and friends about conservation of the animals and the environment. We only have one Earth.
   Visit the organizations on my links page, and take action, learn, donate, and/or volunteer.
   Boycott Zoos and Circuses that abuse or mistreat the animals in their care. Boycott Zoos and Circuses that give or sell animals to canned hunts.
   Write to government officials about conservation, hunting laws (especially "canned" hunts), and restrictions on imports from countries killing any endangered species. You can use these letters from API to write to your Representatives and your Senators to ban canned hunts. Some states have already banned canned hunts.
   Write to your government officials asking them to make it illegal for citizens to purchase tigers as pets, it's still legal in many states. As the cubs grow, the owners can't handle them and abuse and/or neglect them. This also causes so many unnecessary 'attacks' from tigers as people think they can play with them as they would with the family dog - they don't seem to realize that tigers are wild animals and are not domesticated. Unfortunately, tigers have become a 'fad' pet, and when the owners can no longer handle them, care for them, or afford to feed them - there only refuge are organizations such as the Carnivore Preservation Trust and Valley of the Kings Sanctuary & Retreat.
   You can purchase items from the All for TIGERS! Store and 100% of all proceeds will go to help the tigers and other animals at Valley of the Kings Sanctuary & Retreat

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