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Q1) How and where can I get my own pet tiger?
Tigers are wild animals and are not domesticated. I do not support getting a tiger as a pet. This is terrible for the tiger and not all that good for the human. Tigers are cute as cubs, but as they grow they can hurt a person very easily. Tigers need special medical care, calcium supplements as cubs, 20-40 pounds of meat per meal, and lots of space. Most tigers that are bought as pets are neglected or mistreated. Many people think that if they declaw and defang a tiger, then that tiger will be OK as a pet. This is a terrible thing to do and it's wrong! If you have your heart set on caring for a tiger, do so by 'adopting' one that is at an animal sanctuary. You can 'adopt' a tiger that is being cared for at Valley of the Kings Sanctuary & Retreat for $2000(US) a year. If you think that this is too much to spend - how would you take care of your own tiger?! If this doesn't explain why it's wrong to own a tiger as a pet, please ask Valley of the Kings Sanctuary & Retreat. Valley of the Kings Sanctuary & Retreat has been working with and rescuing tigers and other big cats for over twenty years.
Q2) What are the white spots on the back of tigers ears?
The white spots are called 'eye spots' or 'predator spots'. They help keep cubs safe from predators that are approaching from behind by appearing as eyes, and making it seem like the tiger is larger and looking at the predator. They also help adult tigers in the same way.
Q3) Do tigers like water and can they swim?
Yes, tigers like water and they are excellent swimmers. Their paws have webbing between their toes. When a tiger spreads its toes, it is a fast swimmer. Tigers will sometimes run hoofed prey into water to gain advantage as hoofed animals are slower in the water.
Q4) What areas do tigers live in, now and in the past?
The best source of geographic information along with maps for each of the tiger subspecies that I have found is The Tiger Information Center. They have a lot of great information!
Q6) What is the Tasmainian Tiger?
The Tasmainian Tiger is a marsupial from Australia. More information about them can be found at Cryptozoology - The Science of Undiscovered Animals". You can also find books on the Tasmanian Tiger at

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