Burn Out

How to do a burn out on a sportbike

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Hold front brake as tightly as possible. then get the rpms up to about 9,000. then slowly let off the clutch. Never pop the clutch you'll just go flying off. as you let off the clutch give it more rpms. once the tires start spinning give it hell and walk it.

I stand up and put my weight forward over the gas tank, pull in the clutch while pulling on the front brake give it some throttle to get the revs up slowly let out on the clutch and right before you come to a stop let the clutch out all of the way to get the power to the back wheel, but keep pressure on the front brake lever while giving it more gas, and the back wheel will keep smoking. To look even more cool when your done smoking the tire let off of the front brake and sit kind of hard back on your seat and give the throttle a good yank and your rear tire will catch the pavement and you'll do a nice wheelie..

first do some braking with the front brake of course, to get some heat into the front wheel so it doesn't ski forward on you. then get the revs up to about 6grand let the front brake out and pull it back in again quickly to compress the front fork, while at the same time quickly release the clutch and to prevent running out of rpms shift into second gear. Now if you want to do a lollipop "that's what I call them" or a donut do the same thing as a burnout but paddle your feet to move the back end around DO NOT LEAN THE BIKE TO TURN IT!!! Or else you'll looke like a muppet when your bike goes out from under you! the bike should show about 45 miles an hour on the speedo I found that a good speed for this trick the best part is once you've finished the "lollipop" either quickly pull in the clutch to stop the burnout or let of the front brake off and ride gloriously into the sunset with all your friends clapping:)  but remember either the clutch is in or it is out.

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