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1. When was the last time the South Park announcers saw a Jew who ran like Kyle?


2. What phrase is written on Officer Barbrady's police car?

To Patronize and Annoy

3. What company manufactures the popular new "sports watch"?


4. What type of sauce has the ability to cause a person to become a rabid zombie if used as an
embalming fluid?

Worstechire Sauce

5. How much does Truchers special cost?


6. If you were to spank Mr. Garrison's ass, what name should you call him?


7. How many different Mr. Hats have been seen?

3 (one w/o eyes, one w/eyes, and Chewbacca Mr. Hat.)

8. What type of shop does Tom run?

Rhinoplasty (Tom's Rhinoplasty)

9. Who's picture hangs on the wall in the living room of Chef's house?

Issac Hayes

10. According to Cartman's Mom, what are there a lot of in Africa?

Black People

11. What is seen on the television screen during the title sequence?

The Frosty Episode

12. How much does Jesus weigh?

135 lb. 1oz.

13. What does Santan Weigh?

320lbs 4oz

14. What number is seen on the chalkboard, as it is being erased by Mr Garrison dueing "Damien"?


15. What is printed on Chef's apron?


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