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Cartman Gets an Anal Probe

The sign in the bus says sit down and shut up.

The blackboard says “I’m not sure but Kathy Lee Giford is older than she claims to be".

In this episode Mr. Hat has no eyes but in the rest he does.

In the class-room the picture of Columbus on the wall changes to an astronaut.

Police car says “ To Patronize and Annoy”.

The chefs apron goes from upper case to lower case.

There is a picture of a real woman in Cartman’s house.

When they are in the field at night
waiting for the aliens, KYLE yells "come down here you stinkin aliens."
His voice is really STAN'S.

Weight Gain 4000

The rainbow skit I have heard refers to nothing. The creaters heard a girl say I hate rainbows.

The blackboard says vulgar things in spanish.

The alphabet goes like this Az By ect...

When Mr. Garrison flashes back to real life he looks the same.

Jimbo has a bunny-fish on his wall.

The gun changes colors a little.

The picture of student of the week is Cartman.

When they point it looks like middle finger.

At the end Mr Hat said if it weren’t for those medling kids, from Scooby Doo.

In weight gain 4000 there are 2 of the same men in the Geraldo
audience.The front and back row.


The time at Stan’s dad’s workplace says that the time 9:35-45.

The name of their boat is the USS Fishkiller.

The kids are on one side of the trench then get back across to shoot Scuzllbut.

Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride

Whenever they call Jesus they are always caller number two.

The guy that makes bombs looks like the cattle farmer in anal probe.

One of the cowboys jersey number is –3.

The song in the gay land is a take off of “It’s a Small World”.

The skater guy in SOX is in gay land.

Oliver the gay cat looks like Cartman’s cat in anal probe.

Elephant Makes Love To A Pig

On the special-ed bus there is a blind kid, a kid with a big head, upside-down kid, the bus driver has a
doctor mask.

The bulletin board has a drawing of a visitor.

In the lunch room there is a sign with a visitor that says “Have you seen me”

During the chefs song in the park everyone is going to bed… you know what I mean.

The same car that was flipped over is in pink eye the same color, size, and shape.


Kyle’s house has a Menorah (the thing that holds 9 candles) on the table.

Each time they ask about killing grandpa and they say I’m not touching that with a (Mr. Garrison 20,
Chef 40, and Jesus 60) foot pole.

The Statue of Liberty blinks.

First person catapulted was Kenny’s dad.

I counted 14 dead people on the wall.

There is a picture of Shelly on Stan’s dresser.

Pink Eye

On the bus stop Cartman says that there are no UFO’s still denying that there are no aliens from
episode 101.

In the crash scene the astronauts are in the ship and dead then they come out of the ship.

On the shelf in the morgue is a baby visitor.

Kenny loses an arm in class and it returns in the lunch-room then gone again at the bus stop.

The witch on the opening credits appears a few times 1) On the classroom wall 2) On Cartman’s house
3) In the gym on the wall.

The visitors ship is in Cartman’s roof.

Kenny ate a piece of a kids arm and it looks radioactive.

The title of the movie is ”That Guy Hitler”.

When Cartman dreams he is in the movie at the end of his speech it sounds like he says give me back
my little brother.

On the shelf in the principal’s office there is a picture of Kathy Lee Giford.

The apple tank was on the stage in the gym then it is on the floor.

When the kids are on the street and the car is flipped over Ned is on the roof with a gun.

The Chef’s song is the Michael Jackson song Thriller.

Starvin Marvin

In the commercial you see Marvin.

When they call the phone has no cord.

The chalk board says: Trees are to bushes as buildings are to houses. David Duchovny is to tampons as
Hought is to chocolate.

The N’s are all backwards on the chalk board.

The kid that looks dirty in the class looks like Kenny’s brother.

The Genetic Engineer has a butt shaped cane.

Whenever they are at Stark’s Pond the same bird is there.

At King Jimmy’s Buffet the sign says “Trucker Special”.

The chef isn’t a biologist but he knew within 10 seconds what the slides were.

They have a parody of “Braveheart”.

They packages in the storage room are: Snacky Cakes, Cheesy Poofs, Veal-Roll-Ups,and Boogie Bars.

Kenny's dad changes what he looks like from Death plus he was killed in Death.

Mr. Hanky

During Kyle’s song Pip was a singer.

On City Hall is an angel.

The guy that jumped out of the bush in Pink Eye is in the crowd.

There are 2 angels on one of the stores.

At Kyle’s house there is a Dreidel.

Kyle has a solar system on his dresser and a photo of his elephant.

During Cartman’s song Kyle never touched Mr. Hanky, then they show him with poo on his hands.

The counselor has a Newton’s Cradle on his shelf.


On the bulletin board there are drawings of Visitors.

The numbers in the back of the room are listed like this: 1 2 3 4 5 6 6 6 7 8 9.

One of the math problems on the board is 2x +3y +1=666

In Damien’s fit in the Lunchroom you see a bunny-fish fly by

In Jesus’ dressing room there is a sign that says: BLESSED ART THOU RATINGS.

In the storm that Satan makes a Visitor flies by

In the crowd a Visitor is in the crowd.

In the beginning Stan is told to buy Cartman a Green Mega-Man, but he buys him a blue one and
Cartman doesn’t know.

In Damien's fit in the Lunchroom has Mr. Hanky fly by.

When Damien says something voices say something about Cheesy Poofs.

Tom's Rhinoplasty

Ms. Ellen was from species.

There is a witch doctor mask on the class wall.

There is a skeleton of a dinosaur on the wall.

In the doctors office there is a picture of a man that has an elephant’s trunk and tusks.

When Ms. Ellen is talking about her gifts and Wendy says “DIE” Cartman is eating a piece of cake.

I counted Stan barfing 16 times.

Ms Ellen is a Lesbian right? Maybe Ellen has to do with Ellen Degenerous?(excuse the spelling)


In the newspaper Mr. Garrison is reading there is a picture of Mr. Hanky.

On the lunch menu the message changes from ingredients to the lunch for the day.

The name of the studio is called "Straight To Video".

The guard looks like Officer Barbrady dressed in white.

On the studio door the sign says "SHHHH".

Chef's licence plate says "LUV CHEF".

When Robert Smith changes the prices for gas are $1.27, $1.47, and $1.57.

In the room were the boys are held there is a picture of Barbara with Satan.

-When Barbara Streisand is torturing the kids in her torture chamber, there is a picture of her and Satan (from ep. 108,
Damien) on a back wall that is signed "Love, Satan".

-For the first time, Chef doesn't sing a song in this episode.

-At the beginning of the show, Cartman is singing an old slave work song.: "Day's Never Finished
Master Got Me Workin'
Someday Master Set Me Free"

-Kyle's living room has a picture of Ike in his crib.

-The picture of the three kids behind Chef reads 'Hot talk is yummy.'

Cartman's Mom is a Dirty Slut

-At the end of the show, Mephisto (the Genetic Engineer) refers to the Denver team as the "'89 Broncos". However, the
end announcer calls them the "'91 Broncos".

-When Cartman shows up at Stan's house dressed like an Indian, Stan asks him why he is wearing a bear necklace. The
necklace is actually of an eagle.

-As the boys are watching TV, just before "America's Stupidest Home Videos" comes on for the first time, we can hear the
Sally Struther's "Starving Ethiopians" commercial on the television which starts out "Here in the heart of Africa..." (the same
commercial that was in the "Starvin' Marvin" episode).

-When Cartman is all dressed up to approach Chef as his father, he has a big ring/brass knuckles on that says "PIE".

-Even though Officer Barbrady is only in training at the Drunken Barn Dance, Ms. Cartman calls him "Officer".

-When Chef is explaining to Cartman why he cannot be his father, he sits Cartman down and refers to him as "children"
throughout their talk.

-Stan's Grandpa has a noose with him throughout the entire show.

-When Cartman goes to the bar, Jesus is there drinking (beer?) out of the Holy Grail.

-The name of the train that runs Kenny over is called American Silver Slicer.

-Mr. Garrison's sexuality continues to be a great mystery. He definitely wants/gets a piece of Mrs. Cartman, but when Chef
says that he doesn't want any part in a threesome with Garrison there, Mr. Garrison says, "Damn, I guess it will have to be
just me and Ms. Cartman."

-In Episode 112 (Mecha-Streisand), Chef said that he was honored to have Sydney Piotier in his "home town". However,
in this episode we find that Chef had just arrived in town at the 12th annual Drunken Barn Dance.

-There are two beer taps at the bar. One is labeled "Dude", the other one is labeled "Beer".

-At the Drunken Barn Dance, everyone refers to Eric's mom as "Ms. Cartman". However, now she is known as "Mrs.
Cartman". Is this right since she was never married?....OR WAS SHE???

-At the Drunken Barn Dance, Mr. Garrison seems to have no problem with hair loss (unless he is wearing a wig).
However, in Episode 102 he is shown as a child with the same baldness that plagues him presently.

-There are three posters hanging up in Mr. Mackey's office. They read: "Dads are DANDY!", "Father & Son day is
coming!", and "If you don't have a dad, you're a BASTARD!"

-When Cartman is dressed up as a "Black African American", the clock around his neck is reminiscint of Flavor Flav from
Public Enemy. His hair is modeled after Kid from Kid N' Play. And come on, the Adidas-like jump suit defined 80's rap :).

-Kyle says that Bob Sagat is "worse than that guy on Full House." Funny thing is, Bob Sagat played the character of Danny
Tanner on Full House.

-When Mrs. Cartman is talking to Chef at the Drunken Barn Dance, she puts an extra empahses when she says "a
BLACK MAN". At that point, they both look down at his "whoo-diddly" area.

-The song that plays every time Ms. Cartman falls in love with another guy at the Drunken Barn Dance is a parody of the
song "My Heart Will Go On", the theme song from "Titanic".

-When Mr. Garrison makes the comment "Who in here HASN'T slept with Mrs. Cartman", even Jesus and the Priest don't
raise their hands. Also, Principal Victoria and the Mayor are there too...even they don't raise their hands.

-We now find out that Mephisto's little "monkey friend" has name...Kevin.

-Yes, it seems as if Stan's line, "Dude, this is pretty f*cked up right here" is now becoming a catch phrase of the show.

-Mr. Garrison also uses an old line of his (well, of Mr. Hat's from Episode 101) when he says, "You go to hell, you go to
hell and you die!"

-At the end of the show, Mrs. Cartman is holding a tray of cookies.

-The name of the train that runs Kenny over is "American Silver Slicer".

-Jay Leno makes a guest appearance as the voice of Cartman's "Kitty".

-Mr. McCormick (Kenny's dad) is at the bar next to Mr. Garrison. He is also seen earlier at the Drunken Barn Dance
wearing a hat that said "Scotch" (reference back to Cartman's lines in Pink Eye).

-The same boy with the blue shirt is standing outside of Mr. Mackey's (the Guidance Counselor) office. He was also there
in Mr. Hankey.

-Cartman's address is the same as Wendy's from Tom's Rhinoplasty..."28201".

-The network logo "HBC" that the T&P show is on is a direct ripoff of the "HBO" logo.

-Are T&P Canadian? They're "Canada's Biggest Stars", but does that mean they're from Canada? With that British accent,
you never know :).

-Kyle's Dad's name is Joe.

-The amount and types of food on Cartman's dinner table seem to change at any given time.

-Cartman yells at "Kitty" again just as the did in Episode 101 and also to Starvin' Marvin in Episode 109.

-When Ms. Cartman asks Chef if he's heard of a "Manage of Three", she means "menage a trois" (French term for a
"three-some" or multiple partners at once).

-Ms. Cartman can be seen throwing up on Chief Running Water when he first talks to her.

-This is the first time that any of the kids' parents (other than his own at the end of Starvin' Marvin) seem to have any
concern over Kenny's death.

-Cartman's favorite game, "Ro Sham Bo" is back again when he wants to borrow Stan's bike.

-Chef has a picture of two naked black women hanging over his fireplace.

-Mr. Garrison calls the man with no legs "Halfy".

-The clock around Cartman's neck always points to around 3 O'Clock.

-At the Drunken Barn Dance, Chef is supposed to be new in town, yet when he knew who Mr. Garrison was when he
popped out of the hay.

-"Will Kenny make a reappearance in the next episode? In theory, episode 114 (the one to air in four weeks from now)
will pick up right where episode 113 left off. Since Kenny died in episode 113, he should not make a reappearance in
episode 114 since he already died once."

-Cartman refers to the "SPC" which most likely stands for "South Park Crips". The "Long Beach Crips" are often refered
to in rap music as the "LBC".

-When the Denver Broncos arrive at the Drunken Barn Dance, two of them say "Are we late for the party?".

-When Kenny's death is replayed on America's Stupidest Videos, it is different from how it actually happened. There is no
waving or talking done in the replay, and the train travels much slower than it originally did.

-The first time Grandpa and the kids are watching America's Stupidest Home Videos, a woman is in the front row with a
blue shirt on and long brown hair. She was also in episode 108 (Damien) when Jesus was complaining about all the votes
being changed to Satan, she is the woman who whistles.

-The orchestral music that plays in the background when we see Cartman doing a tea party is Pachabel's Canon in D.

-Not Without My Anus is a reference to the cheap theatrical movie that should have been a Made for TV movie, "Not
Without My Daughter" starring Sally (You like me, you really really like me) Field.

-Cartman was wearing his hat underneath his "afro" wig.

-When Kitty meows at Cartman, Cartman says, "No, Kitty, this is MY corned beef cabbage", but in the next shot only a
drumstick and some greens can be seen on his plate.

-When Cartman and his mom are eating dinner, there was ham, turkey, potatoes and drumsticks on the table. The weird
thing is that Cartman had some kinda green vegetable on his plate, but there was no plate on the table holding the veggies.

-During the drunken barn dance, a duck falls from the ceiling.

-When the go-cart finally starts, Kenny is initially pulled into four seperate pieces and then goes back into one piece.

-Chef's house has a tiger-skin rug, a lava lamp and incense sticks w/holders.

-When the Denver Broncos show up at the drunken barn dance, one of them mutters, "Whan the hell town is this?".

-When Cartman is having his tea party, he calls the tea "Earl Grey." Since Trey and Matt didn't mind borrowing from Star
Trek in the "Damien" episode, this could be another Trek reference. Captain Jean-Luc Picard's favorite drink is Earl Grey

-The names of the dolls Cartman talkes to, by rough estamate, are to the right of Cartman "Polly Prissy Pants", on the far
right of Cartman is "Clide Frog", on the left of Cartman is "Pitter Panda", and on the far left of Cartman is "Wumpertum

-The words to the parody song (based on Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On") are:
"There you are,
Like a throbbing star.
I want, you to make,
Love to me."

-The sushi bar is gone.

-Obviously, the Broncos were named within seconds of each other as the 1989 and the 1991 Denver Broncos. It might be
interesting to note that neither of those years were Super Bowl or AFC Championship years for Denver (1989--Cincinnati
loses to San Francisco, 1991--Buffalo loses to Washington). The one thing that most folks might miss was the uniforms
themselves. They showed the Broncos in orange jerseys and blue pants. The Broncs wear *white* pants with their orange
home jerseys (and with their road whites, too). They also show the uniform numbers as being rounded, not block-style.
The Broncos had block-style numbers on their uniforms until 1997, when they changed to their current (god-awful) uniform
of blue jersey with rounded numbers and orange armpit-swooshes.

When Cartman's mom is at the Drunken Barn party thing, the Denver Broncos are from 1989. That would make Cartman
9. But, however, in the Geneticist's lab, the Broncos are from 1991, which would make Cartman 7. Most third graders are
either 8 or 9. You would have to be really smart to be 7 in third grade, which I don't think Cartman is.

Tom Burton:
Speaking of the Denver Broncos, they were the AFC Champs in 1990 when Cartman probably was conceived. They lost
the Super Bowl 54-10 to the San Francisco 49ers. On another side note, I believe the only two players still to be on the
team from then are John Elway (Stan's hero) and Steve Atwater. Another thing, If Cartman's birthday really is in February
and he was conceived at the Drunken Barn Dance, that puts the date of the dance somewhere in May, which means
Cartman just turned 8 in February, not 9. Do the math yourself if you'd like.

Mark Berlick:
This whole episode contradicts Cartman. In the Pig and Elephant Episode Cartman said "why don't you stop dressing me
up as a mailman, smoking crack....and sleeping with someone I don't even know on my DAD's bed." I thought that his
father didn't live with him since he doesn't know who he is.

-The audience in America's Stupidest Videos has 34 people.
-There are 6 Native Americans in the reservation.
-By a rough estamate chef has been in South Park 9yrs. and 291 days on Feb 25. figuring Cartman is like any other child
and turned 9 on Damien. Here's the math. Chef said he'd just came and Mrs. Cartman said she got pregnant that day so 9
months later (9X30=270) she has the baby give or take a few days. Then on Damien he turns 9 (270 days+9yrs.=9yrs.
270 days). Damien was aired Feb. 4 and Cartman's Mom is a Slut was aired Feb.25 (25-4=21 9yrs. 270 days+21
days=9yrs. 291 days). There is one problem though. Cartmans mother says it was an Autumn night when May is 9 months
before Febuary and Mays not in Autumn.

Not Without My Anus

-The credits at the end of the episode have a lot of great jokes in them...many of them
either relating to farts or other famous people

-At one point, the scoreboard says that it is fourth down, but Canadian football only has 3

-When Terrance and Philip are in Tehran, Iran, there is a stand in the streets selling South
Park T-Shirts with the boys on them. There is also a visitor standing behind a man at one

-When Saddam Hussein and Scott are talking on the telephone, before they hang up
Saddam says, "I changed my mind. Pray that I do not change it any more." This is a
reference to a conversation between Darth Vader and Lando Calrissian in Star Wars: The
Empire Strikes Back. Vader's line is the same, and Lando's/Scott's reply is, "This deal's
getting worse all the time."

-For those of you who really don't know, when T&P talk about "Kroff Dinner", they're
actually refering to "Kraft Dinner" (Macaroni and Cheese). The pronunciation "kroff" is
just a play on their accents, as is the pronunciation of "aboot" for "about"


-The first TV channel that T&P flip to seems to be showing Jerry Springer

-Think about it..."Downtown Canada" or even "Canada Stadium"

-Despite his nationality, Saddam Hussein spoke just like the other Canadians

-Saddam Hussein says that he will take over Newfoundland. However, Newfoundland is a
province of Canada

-The Canadian Football League did actually have two teams of the same name (the
RoughRiders) for quite a long time. The Ottawa Rough-Riders are now defunct (died
about 3 years ago) while the Saskatchewan Roughriders (see? their names are different!)
continue to exist. The was never a Vancouver Rough Riders (they're the BC Lions)

-The screen "HBC presents: Not Without My Anus" is a call off NBC's Sunday evening
TV Special Presentation, "Not Without My Daughter", from a couple of years back

-Terrance and Philip...T&P...Trey Parker?

-The torn patch in Terrance's shirt only appears when Scott mentions it, after that, the shirt
isn't torn

-At the end of the game, Terrance says to Scott, "Do you like apples?" and Scott replies
"Yes, of course." Afterwards, Terrance farts on Scott and says "How do you like them
apples?" This same line is used in the movie Good Will Hunting

-Phillip didn't know about Terrance's daughter, yet, when they arrived in Iran, Phillip was
able to point out Terrance's daughter.

-After Saddam puts the Iraqi flag over the Canadian flag, in the next scene when Celine
Dion is about to sing the Iraqi national anthem, the Canadian flag is back up there

-Despite the fact that Canada doesn't have capital punishment, Phillip is saved from the
gas chamber.

-Scott, the nemesis of T&P, is supposed to be Quebecois(from the french-speaking
province of Qu´┐Żbec), which explains why he says "Je accuse!", which means "I accuse!"
in french, during the trial.

-Kraft Dinner is the ruling brand of Macaroni and Cheese in Canada, and it's insanely
popular among students as "yellow death."

-At the closing scene, the moose-like animal is actually a caribou.

-In the first scene, Phillip is shown seated just left of Terrence, showing the letters P and
T. Now, in French (one of Canada's two official languages, and since the show is based in
Canada), the spelling of P and T sounds exactly like the French word "peter" (pronounced
pay-tay), which means "to fart"

-When Scott meets Terrence and Phillip outside the Stadium, they spell out "TPS". Again,
in French Canada, these three letters represent the Goods and Services Tax ("Taxe sur les
Produits et les Services"), which was established in the early 1990's as an added source
of tax dollars by the Brian Mulroney government. The GST has always been scorned by
the general Canadian public.


1st Unit Supervising Fart Cutter: Gian Ganziano Moyel: (moyel is another way of spelling
Mohel, the man who performs a bris (Jewish circumcision ritual)) John M. Watson
Pyrotechnics supervisor: Carlos "Frogfingers" Palazio
Animatronics Operator: John Baurley
Special Underwater Pants Photography: Chris Fria
Insemination Consultant: Dariush Derakhshani
Best Boy: "Uncle" Jimbo Valladad
Boom Operator: David L. Vanover
"Props" Dispenser: Christine A. Mueller
Bead Puller: Lydia Quidilla
Fart Coach: David Goodman
Fart Wrangler: Adrien Beard
Fart Coordinator: David List
Fart Layout: Greg Postma
Digital Fart Artist: Tony Postma
Fart Foley: Albert Lozano
Flatulence Designer: D.A. Young
Location Scout: Toni Nugnes
Welfare Teacher: Monica Schmidt Mitchell
Transportation Chief: J.J. Franzen
Make Up artist for Terrance and Phillip: Alecia Shyngle
Hair & Make Up for Mr Hussein: Kelly Cross
Body Double for Ms Celine Dion: Katie W. Scott
Body Double for Ugly Bob: Scott Oberholtzer
Stunt Butt: Brandon Cruz
Exective Assistant to John Cusack (?): jennifer Howell
Assistant to Terrance: Paul Shomer
Assistant to Phillip: Jenny Shin
Assistand to Ugly Bob: Jackie Watson
Stand-in for Mr. Hussein: Andrew Kemler
Personal trainer to Mr. Hussein: Chris "Crispy" Brion
Drover for Mr Hussein: Margie Stubbs
Personal pilot for Terrance and Phillip: Angi Glenn
Trainer for Barky and Purry: Bruce Howell
Monkey Handler: Jon Singer
Moose: Peter Merryman
Moose Wrangler: Amy Winfrey Pharmecutical catering: Sean Laverty
Kroff Services: Melissa Morvant & Karin Perrotta
Voice Coach for Ms Dion: Martin Cendereda
Dialect Coaches: (8 names)

Cartman's Mom is Still A Dirty Slut

-The question is answered...Kenny returns (although quite subtlely). He also (quite
clearly) says, "Oh my god, they killed Mephesto!"...not his usual job!

-There are some references/parodies to other movies/TV shows:
-Jurassic Park...the Backup Generator and the Velociraptors
-Alive...Cannibalism to stay alive

-The song "Come Sail Away" was a song by the 80's band Styx

-The visitor is back again in Mephesto's lab at the beginning of the show standing between
Mr. Garrison and Chief Running Water

-The Broncos Team is now refered to as only the "1991 Broncos". However, they are not
in the room at the beginning of the show (and never show up except when mentioned)

-When everyone finds out that Ms. Cartman has a penis, everyone EXCEPT Mr. Garrison,
Jimbo, the visitor, Chief Running Water, the 1991 Denver Broncos, and Kyle's dad

-"America's Most Wanted" is not broadcasted live

-Ms. Cartman would actually be in her 32nd "trimester" (4 trimesters per year times 8
years)...not the 40th

-Mr. Garrison reaches for the director when he makes a homosexual comment as they
realize they're trapped

-The rats are frozen to Kenny this time rather than attacking him

-Several comments about the Terrence and Philip episode are made, but nobody would
have known about it since everything that happened was supposed to be a continual stream
of events

-For the first time we find out Mephisto's first name...Alphonse

-Chef didn't sing in this episode

-Scientific Fact: Hermaphodites are actually sterile (Ms. Cartman couldn't be the mother
or father)

-On the hospital blueprints, South and East are reversed on the compass

-For all of the men that Ms. Cartman has slept with, not a single one noticed her "dual"
prowess. Also, the boys and Chef did not see it in "Crack Whore" magazine.

-At one point in the show, you can hear the song "Ave Maria" playing in the background.
The song was by Franz Schubert, and performed by Aaron Neville (the song was also
featured in the movie Alive)

-There seem to be quite a few points when the snow is supposed the be falling heavily, but
the roads are still clear and we can still see some green grass

Ok, I know that I mentioned the song "Come Sail Away" was by Styx, but one fan
actually took the time to transcribe the whole thing for us. I thought it was pretty funny,
so I decided to put it here...

The song that Cartman has to finish is called Come Sail Away, by Styx and goes like this:

I'm sailing away
Set an open course for the virgin sea
'Cause I've got to be free
Free to face the life that's ahead of me

On board I'm the captain, so climb aboard
We'll search for tomorrow on every shore
And I'll try, oh Lord, I'll try
To carry on

I look to the sea
Reflections in the waves spark my memory
Some happy, some sad
I think of childhood friends and the dreams we had
We lived happily forever, so the story goes
But somehow we missed out on the pot of gold
But we'll try best that we can
To carry on

A gathering of angels
Appeared above my head
They sang to me this song of hope
And this is what they said, they said

{Refrain}Come sail away, come sail away
Come sail away with me, lads
Come sail away, come sail away
Come sail away with me{Repeat refrain}

I thought that they were angels
But to my surprise
We climbed aboard their starship
And headed for the skies{Refrain, repeat and fade}

After about the second verse, he breaks into a mess of babbling.

-Continuity error: Mephisto is shot at night, Chef drives to the hospital at night, the adults
talk to the mayor at night, Mrs. Cartman goes to the clinic DURING THE DAY, and Chef
arrives at the hospital at night.

-To paraphrase Cartman, this felt like the longest night of my life. The hospital thread
seems to take place all in the span of one night. However, Sid Greenfield is able to travel
from LA to South Park, produce, direct and broadcast a re-enactment in approximately the
same time it takes Chef to drive to Devil's Pass Hospital. And Mrs. Cartman is able to
meet and sleep with at least three prominent politicians in the same span of time.

-There were at least 30 people in the studio during the "America's Most Wanted"
broadcast, including cast, crew and audience. After the blizzard, only 7 emerge (Barbrady,
Jimbo, Ned, the Mayor, Garrison, and the camera and sound men from AMW). Assuming
their ordeal began with a live prime-time broadcast, and ended soon after sun-up, that
makes 23 people consumed in a span of approximately 12 hours (with leftovers, of

Chicken Fucker

-In this episode and in Conjoined Fetus Lady, at the back of the classroom is a picture from "American History" which is
one of Trey and Matt's first animated films

-When Barbrady and the boys go to the petting zoo, there is an alien petting a horse

-At the end, during the parade, Jesus is driving the truck that Barbrady and the boys are on

-When Barbrady is on the swingset, there is a kid in the foreground that is playing with what appears to be a Blue
MegaMan from the Damien episode

-The reflection in Cartman's sunglasses never changes

-When Cartman comes to Kenny's house, he tells Kenny's dad to "Step out of the car please."

-Officer Barbrady puts a light on his dashboard to go after the first encounter with Chickenlover. However, when Barbrady
gets to the scene he already had stationary lights on his roof of his car

-When Barbrady quits his job, he rips off his badge, thereby tearing a little hole in his uniform. However, in the next "shot"
when the "camera" pulls back, the hole is gone
BR> -The Chickenlover claims that he started molesting chickens in order to motivate Barbrady to learn to read. However,
Barbrady did not reveal that he was illiterate until after the chicken attacks began. Before that time, it was a secret

-At the beginning when the boys were looking at the romance books you can see the book Cartman is looking at and on
the spine of the book it said "Sabrina Unchained". However, when you see the cover it says the book's name is "Body to
Body" by Dorothy Palmer

Conjoined Fetus Lady

-In this episode and in Chickenlover, at the back of the classroom is a picture from "American History" which is one of
Trey and Matt's first animated films

-Ok...hey, I know that this is a pretty apparent one, but if I don't put it here, I'll get it sent to me a million more

-Principal Victoria has a picture of Kathy Lee Gifford hanging in her office

-The poster in the nurse's office isn't completely spelled out, but you could see that it apparently says "Use Condoms"

-When Kyle's mom has Mr. Mackey, Principal Victoria, and the Nurse Gollum over for dinner, she serves pork even
though Jews are not supposed to eat pork

-When Stan's mother calls Kyle's mother after Stan tries to cut his head open, Kyle's father is reading what appears to be a
Catholic newspaper with a picture of Christ on it, yet Kyle's dad is jewish

-The picture of conjoined twins that Kyle's mother shows to the boys from her book "Freaks A-Z" is actually a picture of
Mickey Dolenz and Michael Nesmith from the band "The Monkees"

-After she gets hit in the head with a jelly roll, Ms. Crabtree crashes the bus into the Vietnam War Memorial wall

-Cartman's literary reference "Captain Ahab has to get his whale" is from Herman Melville's "Moby Dick"

-The Chinese sports announcers are reminiscent of the ones at the football game in "Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride."
They make endless tasteless jokes, one of them finally says, "You're going to get us in trouble again", and the other one has
a comb-over, receding hairline-hiding hairstyle a la Marv Albert

-The motto of conjoined twin myclexia week--found on the box of hats--is "let's stick together"

-When the boys return home as world champions, even the cow on the "Go Cows" banner is wearing a conjoined twin
empathy hat

The Mexican Staring Frog of Southern Sri Lanka

-Near the end of the episode, Ned, Jimbo, and the boys are standing outside of the Public Access station. Ned is still
looking messed up and catatonic, however, in one of the quick scenes where they pan by ned, he looks to be back to
normal, and in the next scene he is catatonic again when Jimbo says "...I'll show him some hardcore porn!"

-The book that Jimbo is reading to Ned in the hospital is "The Outsiders" by S.E. Hinton

-Jimbo's last name is "Kurns", and Ned's last name is "Gurblanski"

-When Jimbo and Ned are looking at the map of Vietnam that their sargent shows them, the country looks similar to the
shape of Italy. The cities on it are..."Mystical Land", "Wilderness Land", "Da Nang", "Jungle Land", "Future Land", and
"Ho Chi Minn City". Some of these places are similar to the names of the lands at DisneyLand

-When the boys are making the video where Cartman is dressed up as an old lady he falls backwards. However, when
Ned and Jimbo air the video, Cartman falls to his side

-In the dodgeball international finals against China, the song which plays as Pip gets all psyched up and whips the ball at the
opponents is taken from the theme song to "Street Signs" on CNBC

City on the Edge of Forever

-"City on the Edge of Forever" is actually the name of an old Star Trek episode

-The kid who goes out of the bus and gets eaten by the big black monster is wearing a red Star Trek shirt. This may be a
reference to the fact that oftentimes, a character that you had never seen before on Star Trek with a red shirt (usually an
ensign) on was dead before the end of the episode

-Kenny gets taken away by the monster. However, just before the bus falls into the big tub of ice cream, we can seen
Kenny back in his seat on the bus

-When the parents are all singing for their children to come home, Mr. Garrison is in the background???

-For those of you who might not know, Brent Musburger (Scuzzlebutt's leg in this episode), is a Sports Anchor for CBS

-The video shown on TV of the parents singing for their children to come home is kind of a take off of the old "We Are the
World" video/song

-When the bus falls into the tub of ice cream, it's quite similar to the way that the Titanic was supposed to have
tips, everyone falls to one end, it splits in two, then the first side goes over followed by the second

-If you look on the back wall of the talent agency where Ms. Crabtree gets taken to, there are pictures of Leonard Maltin
and Kathie Lee Gifford

-One of the kids pictures that gets hung up by the parents is of McCauley Caulkin (that wacky little tike we all used to love
from "Home Alone")

-When Ms. Crabtree first meets up with the truck driver, his name is Mitch. However, after that, she refers to him as

-Mrs. Crabtree never said that the monster that would eat the kids if they got off the bus was black, but the kids make
refrence to it being black before they even encounter it. In the video, it was called a "big, scary monster"

-The lame comic at the comedy club looks a lot like the comic Carrot Top

-Ms. Crabtree is announced as MRS. Crabtree on The Tonight Show

-For the Training Video, the manual said tape #35 but when Ms. Crabtree was watching the video, the announcer said it
was tape #7

-Ms. Cartman is handing out "Missing" posters in a bikini...but there is still snow on the ground?

-When the parents are singing that 'ran away from home' song, the guy that was in the Ice Cream truck that came out of
Cartman's ass in the Visitors flash back was in the audience, and three unknowns

Summer Sucks

-In one scene, there is an alien in the community pool

-In the beginning of the episode, at the back of the classroom is a "Have You Seen Me?" poster with a kid in a yellow shirt
on it. Once summer starts and the snow melts, that kid is found under a melted pile of snow by his parents

-The kid mentioned above seems to be named "Jon" on the poster. However, when his parents find him, they say "Kevin
honey, good to see you"

-Mr. Garrison meets up with Dr. Jonathan Katz (who has his own cartoon on Comedy Central) as he seeks some
counseling on his couch

-Jimbo and Ned get arrested for bringing fireworks from Mexico into the USA...however, they border police never seize
the "spectacular" fireworks

-The prank caller to Mr. Garrison sounds quite a bit like Mr. Mackey doesn't it? mmmk?

-In one scene, Mr. Garrison's house still has snow in front of it

-Who is that little man in the boat that Barbrady is looking for? Well, let's just say that it's slang for a certain body part
found "below a woman's belt" (sorry kids)

- When they realized the snake wouldn't stop the kids continued to play their instruments. This was what the band on the
Titanic did when they realized it was going to sink

-The firework salesman claims that the South Park Snake is 5,000 times the size of an ordinary snake. Later he mumbles
that an ordinary snake lasts for three minutes. When he tries to calculate how long it will take for the South Park Snake to
run out, he concludes that it will be "November, of next year." In fact, he should have said that it would take 15,000
minutes -- or about ten days -- for the Snake to stop

-At the end of the episode, Mr. Garrison's new puppet friend, "Mr. Twig," has a (homosexual) triangle on his shirt

Chef's Salty Chocolate Balls

-The poster on Mr. Garrison's desk starts off at the beginning of the episode with the word "Leafs" (mispelled, should be
Leaves) on it along with various pictures of leaves. Then, after Mr. Garrison kicks Cartman out of class, the poster
changes to a picture of a giraffe

-Mr. Hankey has given up his old Santa hat for a sailor's hat in this episode. He also bears a resemblance to Captain
Shiner, a character that appears on Primuses CD Tales from the Punchbowl (remember, the lead singer of Primus does
the opening theme song)

-When Mr. Hankey is wrapped up in gray/white shrouds so Kyle can take him into town, it resembles one of two things.
First, it may be a reference to ET when they have to bring ET outside they dress him similarly. It may also be a reference
to the movie The Island of Dr. Moreau where Dr. Moreau (Marlon Brando) is sensitive ot the sun so he dresses in white
shrouds and dark glasses

-Fred Savage is in the audience for the first independent film, but we don't see him arrive until after the first movie when he
pulls up in his limo

-Even though Cartman says that the movies are all in Black and White (Gay Cowboys Eating Pudding...), the actually
move about the Gay Cowboys is in color

-When Mr. Hankey is about to die, he whispers to Kyle that there is another "Skywalker" which Yoda whispers (just
before the dies) to Luke Skywalker in "Return of the Jedi"

-There is an alien in the theater seated behind the guy with the cowboy hat. When Kenny gets killed, you can also see an
alien exiting the theater

-Ok, just so I don't hear this one anymore...the South Park restaurant Hollywood Planet=the real Restaurant Planet

-The scene where Mr. Hankey summons the powers of the sewers to flood the film festival out of town is a pretty funny
parody of Disney's animated movie "Fantasia"

-Kyle apparently doesn't need to take his pants down while using the toilet

-Cartman's T-Shirts advertising the movie made about Mr. Hankey said "Mr. Hankey and Me" when the movie was
actually titled "Me and Mr. Hankey"

-During the scene where Mr. Hankey is playing the organ, he is wearing a bowtie. When he turns around to talk to Kyle,
the bowtie is missing for one shot. Then, in the next scene, it's back

-For the first time, Stan and Kyle do not do their "Oh my god, you killed Kenny/You Bastards" routine. Instead the guys
finding the penny took care of it as best they could

-Even though Stan and Kyle didn't see Kenny die, they seem to assume that he did because they never ask where he is for
the rest of the episode

-It appears that Mr. Garrison still hasn't found Mr. Hat since Mr. Twig is still around. Perhaps foreshadowing a major plot
in an episode yet to come????

-At one point when people are crowding behind the old man in a blue shirt, you can see a woman who looks like the
popular singer/actress Madonna

-When Mr.Hankey was taken to the hospital, it was like the movie E.T.. A man in one of those big white suits to give him
clean air and avoid contaminatiion zipped the gray body up in a with body bag

-Chef didn't know what cous-cous was, but he has served it in his cafeteria before in "Cartman gets an Anal Probe."

-In the film of Mr. Hankey, Tom Hanks starred in it with a monkey, but on the shirts, that was not Tom Hanks as he was
shown in the movie with the monkey

-The same brunette with a grey streak in her hair walks by the Chairman of the Film Festival 5 times in Sundance going the
same way (right to left). She then walks by the news reporter in South Park twice going the same direction.

-In the first film about the two girls, one has a shirt on that says "Lillith fare" which obviously is a spoof of "Lilith Fair" the
female music tour

-When Kyle was in the bathroom you could see that there was a shower to the right of the toilet, in the first "Mr. Hankey"
episode there was no shower in the bathroom

-There is a Star Trek reference in this episode. When the movie guy says to Mr. Hankey "I....HAVE HAD...ENOUGH
OF......YOU!!!!! and slams him agains the wall. This line is from Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. It's what Kirk says
to the Klingon played by Christopher LLoyd as he's trying to save him, then the Klingon tries to drag him down as well.
Kirk says the line and makes the Klingon plunge to his death

-When the man and woman are at Chef's Food Stand, Chef has no idea what the man is talking about when he says "I
would kill for some cous-cous right now", but "Cous Cous with Goose" was one of the items on the cafeteria's Hot Lunch
Menu in Episode 111: Tom's Rhinoplasty

-Chef's Food Stand first appears with a green sign that reads "Chef's Soul Food", but later the sign is brown and reads
"Chef's Salty Balls". Both signs have cutouts of naked women on them

-When the Hollywood Planet Restaurant is under constuction, the "planet" resembles the still under-construction Death
Star from Star Wars 3 - Return of the Jedi

-The water in the sewer is shallow enough for the boys to wade through, but deep enough for Mr. Garrison to submerge
completely with his diving equipment on

Chicken Pox

-Kenny's brother's name is "Kevin"

-Even though his family is so poor, Kenny apparently has the "luxury" of having a "Clapper" in his room

-In the end of the show, when all four kids are in hospital beds, Kenny dies when he flatlines. However, when the shot pulls back to all four beds, Kenny's heart monitor still shows signs of life

-The decal on Stuart's (Kenny's dad) truck says "Know Fear"

-The doctor's nametag says "Dr. Doctor"

-In Episode #202, Stan says that he can't stand being in hospitals, yet he doesn't seem bothered at all in this episode

-Kenny has swim suit model posters in his bedroom

-Kenny's house is on the other side of the train tracks. In other words, a joke in reference to people saying that someone
lives on "the wrong side of the tracks"

-Cartman only needs seven bottles of Calymine lotion to fill an entire bathtub

-The song playing when Frieta is giving Herpes to everyone's parents is "I'm a Believer" by the Monkees

-If you watch closely, Frieta takes the milk out of the fridge, drinks it all, then spits it all back into the bottle before putting it away (from Tyler...Hey, how often do I get to credit myself?! :) )

-The song that Cartman was singing on the way over to and inside Kenny's house was "In the Ghetto" by Elvis

-When only Kyle is in the classroom with Mr. Garrison, there is a poster on the back wall of Trey Parker's first film,
"American History"

-In Kenny's front yard there is: old fridge, sofa, car engine, beer bottles, lamp (shadeless), empty penzoil bottle

-In Kenny's Living Room = car engine on coffee table, PILSNER BEER neon on wall, 5 empty bottles, rat under TV

-The show that Shelly wanted to watch while in the hospital was called "PASSION CRAMPS"

-Everyone's house addresses were same as previous episodes: Chef = 10465, Kyle = 1002, Cartman = 28201, Stan =
2001, Kenny = no number


-Early in the episode, when Cartman and Kenny are still playing Americans vs. Bosnians, Cartman has Kenny pinned to the ground and farts on him

-Fat Abbot is a reference to the old cartoon voiced and hosted by Bill Cosby called "Fat Albert"

-Stan and Kyle can't use nails to build the clubhouse, yet they are still hammering on the wood, and what keeps the whole
thing together?

-Stan's dad has an earring in his right ear. Typically, this single earring in the right ear has stereotypically come to symbolize
someone as being gay

-For the first time, Cartman says the line "Oh my god, they killed Kenny!"

-When Roy ("the boyfriend") is watching TV, the show that he is watching is called "Interior Motives" starring Christopher
Lowell, and it airs on the Discovery Channel. The show is one hour long and it is a "how to" show for interior decorating on a budget

-The Ewok Village 2000 blueprints are the deluxe model, with elevator. They feature a fireplace, big screen television, air
hockey table, pool table, foozeball table and a bar

-One of the girls Kenny picks up is wearing a DVDA t-shirt. This is the name of Parker & Stone’s Band

Cow Days

-At the very end of the episode, an alien is driving Leonardo DiCaprio's limo

-When the kids are first at the beginning of the Line Ride, they are told it will cost them 7 tickets. Then when they are at the end of the ride, it only costs them 5 tickets

-When Cartman says "Me so horny. Me love you long time," it's from a scene with an Asian prostitute in the movie "Full
Metal Jacket". It can also be heard in line from the song "Me So Horny" off the album "As Nasty As They Wanna Be" by
The 2 Live Crew

-When the carny at the Toss-A-Ball game told Kyle he has to win 7 times to get the T&P dolls, he says "seven" but he
holds up eight fingers

-The whole idea with Cartman's mother telling Cartman not to pick his nose and Cartman saying he was scratching it is
taken from the Monty Python movie "Life Of Brian"

-As the cows gather around the clock statue and Jimbo starts talking to the cowboys, notice the clock face changes from
3:00 to 9:00 from frame to frame

-The scamps ride on car #15 in the "Chamber of Farts", the couple that won on the game show is on car #11

-The fake Phillip dolls have black hair; their hair should be blonde

-"Polly Prissypants" and "Peter Panda" dolls are sold at the stands; they were last seen at Cartman's tea party in episode

-When Kyle was beating up Cartman ("...Or i'll brake you f***ing head open...") he was actully doing a scene from
BASEketball (when Matt Stone was trying to get Dian Batcher to do a phsyc out - this was when he was holding the mini
TV and kept saying "Shit!" and Matt Stone was pounding him against the wall)

-At the end of the episode when Kyle and Stan were playing with their Terrence and Phillip dolls Stan (in Terrence's voice) said "Say Terrence, let's look for treasure", and Kyle replied (in Phillip's voice) "Oh good idea Phillip, lets look for treasure" yet Kyle was holding Phillip and Stan was holding Terrence

-When Eric's about to meet his Evil twin, a visitor is seen in the picture of the Bus Stop sign.

Merry Christmas Charlie Manson
-A visitor is in the place of the smilie face just before Eric's little cousen throughs out his fudgesicle.

-At the very end scene, a visitor is peering behind the people when they are all laughing.


The Real Chef

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