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Epi #312 (no title yet) (airing 10/27/99)
Cartman is being plagued by the fifth graders and South Park is being
overrun by Pirate Ghosts in this haunting Halloween episode. In a special
guest appearance, Korn not only teams up with the boys to solve this
spooky mystery, but the band also premieres their new hit single , "Falling
Away From Me."

Epi #310 Chinpoko Mon (airing 11/03/99)
Stan, Kyle, Cartman ,and Kenny are caught up in the latest fad from Japan,
Chinpoko Mon. In their effort to collect everything Chinpoko Mon, all the
children in South Park have become fanatics. While the adults try to come
up with a new fad to win back the kid's attention, the Japanese government
reveals their master plan behind the Chinpoko Mon craze.

Epi #311 "Starvin' Marvin in Space" (airing 11/10/99)
Starvin Marvin returns to South Park. He's absconded with a space ship
owned by the US government and has enlisted Cartman, Stan, Kyle, and
Kenny to help feed the people in his Ethiopian village. While Marvin and
the boys travel around the world on their food gathering mission, they are
pursued by the CIA, the Feed the Children Foundation, and Sally Struthers.

So like always, we've got the original pure South Park info for you

Next Episode - 4/7/99 "Rainforest Schmainforest"

Bad behavior force Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny into the "Getting Gay with Kids Choir" as part of an expedition down to the Costa Rican Rainforest with a do-gooder hippie music teacher (the voice of Jennifer Aniston). But when the group winds up lost in the rainforest, they develop a new-found "respect" for nature.



In just eight months, SOUTH PARK videos have sold more than four million VHS and DVD units, making it the most successful TV franchise on video in 1998. Wave 1 was first released in May, 1998 and Wave 2 (Volumes 4,5 & 6) was released in October.

Cartman on Strike?

by Daniel Frankel
January 19, 1999, 5:20 p.m. PT

The Screen Actors Guild is killing Kenny--and all the rest of South Park.

The actors union has ordered its members to stop providing voices for Comedy
Central's top-rated show until the cable net signs a SAG contract for the animated hit's
voiceover work, according to the Hollywood Reporter. (Option: an entire episode
based around the mute "Mr. Hat" character.)

"We hope that all our members will respect this direction from the guild so that the
producers of South Park will sit down with the guild and sign our animation agreement,"
SAG president Richard Masur told the trade.

Aside from show creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker, who do most of the voice
work, Isaac Hayes (Chef) and Mary Kay Bergman (the female characters) make up
the regular cast, with celebrities like George Clooney and Ozzy Osbourne chipping in
the occasional cameo.

Meanwhile, Comedy Central officials say they're surprised to hear that SAG has taken
this latest step. They claim to be negotiating with SAG's sister union, the American
Federation of Television & Radio Artists. In fact, the network is already under contract
with AFTRA for most of its other programming.

"Our position is that AFTRA is the union that will cover Comedy Central's
programming, and that's who we are negotiating with," said network corporate
communications executive Tony Fox to the Reporter. "We've had a proposal on the
table for the past three months with AFTRA to cover most of Comedy Central. We
expect to resolve this with AFTRA."

The hitch? AFTRA officials say they're going to defer to the SAG on this matter,
meaning they will not negotiate further with Comedy Central.

How this will affect production of the toon is unclear--Comedy Central officials were
unavailable for immediate comment Tuesday.

Well, now you see, the thing is, is that most of the voices are done by Trey
and Matt. And I don't think what the SAG does will affect them doing the
voices. Also I think I heard that both Isaac Hayes and Mary Kay Bergman
both have contracts, so that covers almost all the characters. Now only extra
voices are supplied by others such as celebrity guest voices. However,
these celebrities lend their voices out of kindness and because they like the
show. They do it as a favor and probably for free most of the time. I don't
think we really need to worry too much about it. I think I heard once
somewhere that Matt and Trey don't like the SAG that much. I mean I think
they even joked about making their own guild called the Film Actors Guild.
And this was way before they started doing South Park.

Also there's a film festival coming up in Park City, Utah called Lapdance. It's
happening January 28, 1999. Matt and Trey will be there and they will be
showing a film called Le Petit Package. This film is a spoof of French New
wave. It's got Matt in it nekkid.

They made the film when they were making the South Park pilot. They were
so overworked that one weekend they decided to blow off some steam by
getting together a film crew and a large keg of beer. And the result was Le
Petit Package.

Also there should be something about Matt and Trey in CNN online soon
about there adventures of going to Sundance. Also throughout the coming
week, Matt and Trey should be making appearances in the showbiz scene.

One place that you can be sure to find Matt and Trey is at the Super Bowl.
They'll be there supporting their Denver Broncos.

South Park movie is now delayed until JUNE!!

The South Park pinball game is in its final stages of development and will be beta testing soon in the Chicago area. I can't say exactly where it will be testing, but a good link to check for more info would be www.chicagopinball.com. (Right now www.segapinball.com is defunct.) The game will make its "official" debut at a large amusement trade show in London later this month. Games should appear throughout the US soon after that. Be aware that the pinball market is in the midst of a serious downturn at present and that not a lot of new games are making it into the market. The best way to see a game at a location (i.e., gameroom, bowling alley, tavern) near you is to encourage the owner or operator to get one. The game has lots of specially recorded speech from all major South Park characters (including Chef) and that games will have a variety of "modesty/family" settings. If the game doesn't say "How'd you like to suck my ass!" when you insert money then it probably isn't at the rudest setting.

Basekteball is now available on video.

Ryan Pushing Female 'South Park'
HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - Meg Ryan is going to produce an animated TV series that Variety says is being
described as a female version of "South Park." Ryan, currently starring in the box-office hit "You've Got Mail," is
lobbying UPN to air "Quints." It's a look at the social, cultural and political issues relating to girls, as seen
through the eyes of a set of quintuplets in junior high school. It's not clear whether Ryan will do one of the
voices. Another driving force behind "Quints" is Heather Thomas, who took up screenwriting after her career on
"The Fall Guy."

Ok, now here's something cool we can all do. People Magazine's website has a poll for the most intriguing
people of the year. Right now Hank the Angry Drunken Dwarf is first, with 'N Sync and 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin
not too far behind. Now this time they've even put in a button for us to use to vote for both Matt and Trey at the
same time. So go vote now and make these two creators number one. And please spread the word about the

Next new episode will be December 9th. Then 2 more new ones the 16th and JANUARY 20th

Newest issue of TV Guide:

He breaks into song on "South Park" just about every time Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny approach him for advice, so it makes sense that Chef, the lovable cafeteria worker voiced by Isaac Hayes, would be featured on the soundtrack to the animated series. "Chef Aid: The South Park Album" (available October 20) is a high-concept musical assemblage: On the Comedy Central series, it was recently revealed that Chef was once a songwriting trailblazer, so the 'toon tykes organized a benefit concert on his behalf. "Chef Aid" is the resulting product, and "South Park" creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone enlisted an eclectic mix of musicians, including Meat Loaf and Master P; Chef even does a duet with Elton John on "Wake Up Wendy". Wyclef Jean of the Fugees says he was eager to join the all-star ranks. "I love 'South Park'", he says. Jean's selection, "Bubblegoose", is a reworked song from his first solo album, last year's "The Carnival". "I like the whole vibe of it. They are a bunch of crazy-ass kids." For Hayes, it's all gravy. "There's no stopping Chef", he says. "He might do a
solo CD. I can see myself out onstage with a baker's hat and an apron on tour."

Note that the article mentioned October 20 as the release date, which o/c is untrue (the issue was printed before the date change). Also, another good reason to pick up next week's TV Guide is that on page 33, there is a "greeting card" with the four kids' faces and their skin in the form of pumpkins, and it reads "Happy Halloween from South Park".

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Here is a picture from tonght's episode: Chef's Aid

Hey, the 12" and CD single for Master P's "Kenny's Dead" arrived today to kick off the sony cd promotion. The artwork on the outside of the cd is amazing, and the inside cover reads: "When the people of South Park come together to help one of their own who has fallen on hard times, the result is one of the most memorable moments in musical history. Chef has
landed on the wrong side of a legal judgement and finds himself deeply in debt to a major record label. As he faces certain imprisonment, some of his old friends, including Elton John, Wyclef Jean, Primus, Master P and a host of others, pull together to lend their former mentor a hand. When they all descend on South Park, Chef Aid is born."

To help in the promotion, are two promotional postcards:
1. the kids in line with chef behind them singing into a mike (the same design as the poster they've made up).
2. A shadow of chef (from behind) with the spotlight on him, in front of a mike on stage, past him are the kids, whose heads can be partially seen over the top of the stage. (This has also been make into a larger 8.5X11 promo flier.

Artists listed in the marketing plan include:
Master P, Prodigy, Devo, Rancid, Ozzy/Crystal Method/DMX, Rick James and Ike Turner, Elton John, Wyclef Jean, Primus, Joe Strummer, Tim McGraw, Isaac Hayes, Chef and the south park kids (plus additional
superstars and special guests to be announced). The cd will include "Cart-man's Mom's a Big Fat Bitch" (that's what it says on the flier, sounds like a typo to me, but who knows) "Love Gravy" "Hot Lava" "Chocolate Salty Balls" plus all-new songs like an all-new version of Styx's "Come Sail Away" as performed by Eric Cartman.

The South Park album will be released with two different collectible album covers, featuring exclusive new images of Chef and The South Park Kids and Kenny, who dies in two uniquely special ways. There's another thing that "Consumer Print Upon Release" will include Rolling Stone, Spin, Snowboarding, Wizard, ESPN Magazine, Vibe, Electronic Gaming Monthly. I don't know if that means adds or articles or both. There will be a video for Master P's "kenny's dead" and will feature animated footage of Kenny dying in a variety of unique accidents.

Also according to Robert Vandergraaf who searched through the www.clictv.com website, it seems that Trey will be a guest on Leno on October 16 along with Dennis Rodman and Reese Witherspoon.

There's a chat today with South Park editor Brandon Cruz. You can chat with him today at www.thepassword.com. The chat is at 9 pm Eastern time and 6 pm Pacific time.

So I got e-mail from a few people giving me some clarifications as to the game that will be available for Windows 95. The game will not be the shooter type like Doom and Quake. It will be more along the lines of an adventure game. Here is what Andrew Egerton had heard: "It will be published by Acclaim, and developed by a diferent developer, Deamforge. It will be titled "A Week in South Park" and it will be an adventure game, which I personally feel lends itself better to South Park."

Now we all know that the South Park game made by Acclaim will be available for Nintendo 64, but did you also know that it will be available for the Playstation and Windows 95?
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