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Viewing Instructions for the picture below:

1.To see the "REAL"(tm) 3D images you have to look at them in a special way. Sit at a relaxed distance from
your monitor and focus on the two images.
2.Now slowly go cross-eyed and you will see the two images seperate (and most likely blur) and slowly form a
third image in the middle of the two pictured images.
3.This image (more then likely very blurry at the moment) is the "REAL"(tm) 3D image you want to focus on.
4.Now, try and relax your vision and focus on the new third image in the middle.
5.After some time and practice you will see the "REAL"(tm) 3D image in all its glory!

Don't be put off if you can't see this image straight away, it can take a little practice.

Also note, this is very similar to the method used to view those Magic Eye pictures, except it's the opposite.
To see the magic eye pictures you are actually looking
through the image (opposite of cross-eyed), whereas with my pictures you are looking just infront of the image
(going cross-eyed).

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