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Rubber Snake
This huge, scaly snake weighs almost 2 pounds. Over 6 feet long!
Made of smooth, soft, flexible rubber. Comes packaged in a box.

 Only $16.95

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Cobra Snake Shirt
This beautiful detailed Cobra T Shirt is made of 100% cotton. Size XL.

If you need any other sizes or other designs please click here.

 Only $17.95

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Fake Python Snake
This extremely realistic python snake is made of soft latex rubber. Measures over 6 feet long!  Perfect for a gag gift or prop.

 Only $24.95

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Garter Snake
This 44 inch Garter Snake has a soft, scaly body and looks incredibly real. Made of soft rubber, with a bright red tongue.

Only $4.95

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Fake Snake
This 2 foot fake cloth snake is extremely realistic and even feels like a snake. Made of cloth and soft silk with small beads inside.

Click here to watch video!

Only $6.95

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