18 February 1999 :
Sarah will again be appearing on The J. Keith van Straaten Show! This Saturday, February 20 at 10pm.


17 January 1999 :
We received this e-mail from Donald Silverman:

Although I haven't seen it as the magazine hasn't reached Boca, the Feb issue of Esquire has an article written by Sarah. Rather than tell you the subject which is a bit embarrassing, you will have to see for yourself if you are interested.  XXOO DONALD

Well, I did see for myself. The issue of Esquire is dedicated to "Breasts", and sure enough Sarah is discussing hers. They're real, she got them in the 11th grade, and as she reminds us, they always turn out sparkling clean when she showers with her boyfriend. (Down, boy - there are no pictures).

I won't give away any more secrets, but urge you to grab your copy of the February 1999 issue of Esquire magazine (with Pamela Silicone Lee on the cover) to find out more.

13 January 1999 :

This news item has just been sent to us but so far is UNCONFIRMED:

Silverman Says 'Cheese'

Former "SNL" featured player Sarah Silverman has signed a development deal with Columbia TriStar Television to create and star in a comedy based on her play "Susan Says Cheese," which she wrote with Los Angeles comedians Naomi Odenkirk and Doug Benson. Silverman, whose sister Laura Silverman plays Laura on Comedy Central's "Dr.Katz," will receive producer and creator credit for the sitcom which focuses on the day-to-day lives of a twentysomething woman and her buddies. Larry Charles ("Mad About You") will executive produce the project.

17 December 1998 :

Here's the official Hollywood Reporter's announcement of Sarah's impending involvement in the new film "The Bachelor".

xsm_bachelor.jpg (46100 bytes)

16 December 1998 :

David Brownstein, Sarah's manager, informs us that he is working on closing the "Susan Says Cheese" deal with Columbia/Tri-Star (SONY) TV. The one-woman show we reviewed some months ago now looks set to be produced as a television special - so watch out for it !

12 December 1998 :

This article was in the Saint Paul Pioneer Press today (12/6/98) :      Thanks to Jeff for this information !!!

Brooke Shields has landed a role in New Line Cinema's "The Bachelor". Shields will play a former debutante and ex-girlfriend to Chris O'Donnell, a bachelor who has 24 hours to get married and collect $100 million. She joins a cast including Renee Zwelleger, James Cromwell, Marley Shelton, Stacey Edwards and Sarah Silverman.

11 November 1998 :

Sarah's appearance on the David Letterman show has been moved to Friday, November 13th! Watch out for her !

07 November 1998 :

We have just received word that a "close personal friend" of Sarah's has posted an idiotic message about her "suicide" on the "Mr Show" message board. Let me reassure you all that this is scurrilous nonsense. Sarah is alive and well, and whoever this "close personal friend" is (and I'm not surprised that he's hiding behind a cloak of anonymity), I think he is a seriously disturbed person. To all friends, colleagues and relatives of Sarah's: we had NOTHING to do with this evil message and we're happy to be able to bring you the truth.

06 November 1998 :

Sarah MIGHT appear on the "Late Show with David Letterman" on CBS, Tuesday 10 November 1998. She is in New York attending and performing in a three-day Women's Festival to raise money to combat domestic abuse.
After that she will be in Boston for that Jewish Film Festival event. I repeat that this is by no means definite: Sarah herself won't know for sure until the last minute.

04 November 1998 :

We've received an e-mail from Sarah's mother, promising us copies of (just about) everything on our "Wanted" page. So, everyone - please check back regularly - very soon we'll have everything you wanted to know about Sarah's career, with still frames to illustrate almost every appearance she's ever made! Watch this space!

03 November 1998 :

This article come from the November issue of the Mirabella magazine :

Sarah Silverman has played the crass-mouthed pal to perky Cameron Diaz in “There’s Something About Mary”, Kramer’s girlfriend on “Seinfeld” (most of her scenes took place in Kramer’s bed), and a scientist trolling the atmosphere for UFOs in “Star Trek: Voyager”. Relatively speaking, then, her latest role as Norm MacDonald’s disgruntled girlfriend in “Pittsburgh” must seem like cake. But, in fact, if Silverman is to be believed, anything – even standing up in front of a live audience and laying a big fat egg – seems like cake compared to the task of a fashion shoot. “I’m a flop”, says Silverman, who dresses with
a certain degree of blandness (“nothing too hot”) when she does her stand-up act. “It was like when they take homeless women and do their hair to improve their self-esteem”. But, of course, Silverman was able to see the humor in the situation: “I have a fashion joke – kind of”, she says. “It’s about models. Models are fair game for comics. Why? Because they’re so pretty. Society has no pity for them. But, you know, models scream when you put them in boiling water”.
Sarah wears a silk dress, $4,990, by Vera Wang. Hair by David Cox for Bumble & bumble at Celestine. Makeup by Bethany Karlyn for Trish McEvoy at Heller Artists. Fashion editor, Jill Swid.

verawang.jpg (55979 bytes)

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vera2.jpg (97696 bytes)

95.41 Kb

Sarah is modelling a $4,990 Vera Wang dress

03 October 1998 :

Sarah will appear in Boston on Saturday, November 14th, 1998.  She will be attending the first local showing of her independent film, "Who's the Caboose?" at the Coolidge Corner Cinema in Brookline, Massachusetts, a suburb of Boston.      She will do some stand-up comedy before the show, with Jonathan Katz ("Dr.Katz") who lives in the Boston area. We thank Mrs Beth Ann O'Hara, Sarah's mother, for sending us this information.

15 September 1998 :

Next monday ( 21 September ) at 10 pm SARAH will guest star on DR KATZ PROFESSIONAL THERAPIST. Her sister Laura plays the rectionist.

20 August 1998 :

We can now confirm that the name of the movie has been changed from "Ballbusted" to "Pittsburgh". Sarah has a substantial role as a hairdresser called "Hillary", Norm MacDonald's character's girlfriend: the movie also stars Elaine Stritch, a veteran of the Broadway theatre, Sherman Hemsley (The Jeffersons) and Dave Chappelle, a stand-up comic and co-star of "Half-Baked", the movie. We thank Mrs Beth Ann O'Hara, Sarah's mother, for contacting us with this information.

05 August 1998 :
Review of “Susan Says Cheese”, HBO Workspace Theatre, Hollywood: August 5 1998 by Bernard Webber

This tiny (70-seat) theatre was the site of a remarkable performance of Sarah Silverman’s one-woman show earlier this evening. In five seamless acts, Sarah (playing “Susan”, an “art therapist” – “you don’t need a license to do that!”) took us through aspects of a single woman’s life and the interactions between her relationships with men. It became evident early on that these relationships were ambivalently superficial: in one scene, a boyfriend Larry asks for a BandAid for his bleeding finger, but Sarah finds it more important to leave a rambling message on a friend’s answering machine: later in their interaction, she is concerned that her superior gambling abilities would rob him of his last $2 chip, so she doesn’t want to do it. In another scene, this time in a restaurant, he comes face to face with another boyfriend (or so he’s assuming: the other “friend” is actually inviting Sarah to go hiking, while rambling about his job in TV production. Typically, a presumably trivial TV occupation is buried in a succession of meaningless job titles). The interaction between the two rival boyfriends is only too familiar to most of us – a mixture of embarrassed muttering, stilted conversation and chilly avoiding-eye-contact glances.

One-person shows are short. It is a rare talent that can hold an audience’s attention for a long time. “Susan Says Cheese” runs barely 40 minutes, but I see potential for expansion, especially since Sarah is backed up by eight other actors, who provide varied interplay to the aspects of her life she is portraying. This in itself stretches the meaning of “one-woman show” but here there is no doubt whose personality dominates the performance, so I feel the description is justified. Oh, the other actors? Well, there’s Laura Kightlinger, for example, who plays a hooker named “Pineapple” whom Sarah has just invited up to her
apartment. We wonder what on earth she was thinking, and so does the hooker – “I don’t do women, honey!” and Sarah shrieks “eeeew, neither do I!” – but in fact she pays the woman just to talk to her about what her job entails. This scene’s intensity is emphasised by its brevity. Despite the potential for more lurid content, Sarah ends up rummaging for more money to convince the woman to stay longer, but she storms out, despite Sarah’s physically trying to block her way. Other inter-actor dialog occurs during poker games, played with such authority that I suspect Sarah’s interest in poker extends beyond the stage.

It is a common “tool” for an actor to step out of the script, and talk to the audience out of character: but what makes tonight’s performance different is that Sarah addresses the audience still in character as “Susan”, while the other actors are frozen in place, like mannequins. The voice of the “director” reassures her about her placing, her delivery. One actor missed his cue and barged in late: “Susan” handled it so smoothly that the audience barely noticed. It was a nice technique. I could, of course, tell you that the meaning of the show’s title is revealed – literally - in the very last second of the performance: or was that just her father snapping a souvenir photograph from the back of the room? (.. hmmm …)

Someone had clearly fouled up the seating arrangements: people were sitting in the aisles, standing at the side, and so many people were poking their heads in from the lobby that the side doors remained open throughout the performance.

Afterwards, in the lobby, Sarah was courtesy itself, actually apologising to me because so many people wanted to talk to her: Gary Shandling was there, faces from TV I can’t even name (at least, until I remember who they are), industry types, agents, managers, representatives. She did at least give me permission to post this review – or should I say “a” review, “as long as it’s favourable”. More people should see this show, and that’s one of the most favourable things the people who were here tonight could tell their friends.

Here the program of the show :

xsm_Cheese.jpg (43922 bytes)
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xsm_Cheese2.jpg (18018 bytes)
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xsm_Cheese4.jpg (27897 bytes)
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xsm_Cheese4.jpg (27897 bytes)
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21 July 1998 :
This text is from the the newspaper "Variety" from July 21 1998.  Thanks to Writers & Artists Agency for this informations and off course also to the newspaper "Variety" and Bernard Webber !

Actress Sarah Silverman ("There's Something About Mary") has joined "Ballbusted", the Universal pic scripted and directed by Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski.  Pic stars Norm MacDonald and Dave Chappelle as two buddies whose plot to kidnap the dog of MacDonald's rich employer goes awry.  Silverman, whose credits include "Bulworth" and TV's "Larry Sanders Show" will play MacDonald's girlfriend.  The film is slated to begin production August 3rd in Vancouver.  Robert Simmons will produce with Brillstein-Grey's Brad Grey and Ray Reo exec producing.  Reo also manages Silverman, whose deal for "Ballbusted" was brokered by Todd Eisner and David Brownstein of Writers & Artists Agency.

variety.jpg (155330 bytes) See here for the original scan of the newspaper

10 July 1998 :
She appeared in the The J. Keith van Straaten Show ! That's a show in a theater in Hollywood

Sarah Silverman appeared in Hollywood this evening, part of a lineup of distinguished women in comedy. Flanked by comedienne Lisa Kushell (late of "Mad TV") and Kathrin Shorr, an impressive singer-songwriter, Sarah talked about her appearance in the Star Trek Voyager episode, her current appearance in "Something About Mary" and gave a hilarious standup routine with jokes about famous porn actors (which I won't repeat here), her family, models, showbiz and her impending lawsuit against her boss for sexual harrassment ("it's real hard, and a big strain on me ... because he hasn't done anything.") This stage show, the J. Keith van Straaten Show, is every bit as entertaining as a TV talk show and deserves a bigger audience, or at least consideration for inclusion on cable access. Sarah's spontaneous replies to the interview questions demonstrated her abilities as a comedy writer, and her flirtatious personality (and sometimes spicy dialog) kept the audience entertained throughout.