Riverfront Stadium Stats

Approximate Cost: $45 Million
Stadium Acreage: 48
Stadium Bounds: Pete Rose Way to the Ohio River from Stadium Drive to Firstar Center
Structural Elements: 10,000 tons of steel, 13,000 tons of reinforcing steel, 175,000 cubic yards of concrete. Stadium sits on over 70 miles of foundation piles.
Seating Capacity: 52,953
Stadium Levels: 4
Concession Stands: 37
Rest Rooms: 50
Stadium Diameter: 700 feet, encompassing approximately 8.5 acres.
Playing Surface: Grass now. Was artificial - First outdoor major league stadium to feature a complete playing surface of astroturf
Surface Coverage: Approximately 120,000 square feet of artificial turf
Lighting: 1,728 1000-watt, multivapor lamps, resting on 250-foot standards
Left Field Distance: 330 feet
Center Field Distance: 404 feet
Blue Level Seating Capacity: 10,384
Green Level Seating Capacity: 6,827
Yellow Level Seating Capacity: 2,180
Red Level Seating Capacity: 3,224
Green Reserved Seating Capacity: 4,928
Red Reserved Seating Capacity: 18,010
Top Six Seating Capacity: 7,400

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