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Construction crews won't use a shoe horn to squeeze the Reds new ballpark between Firstar Center and Cinergy Field. They'll use a wrecking ball.
Officials confirmed Monday that nearly 14,000 outfield seats will be removed from Cinergy Field — knocking down capacity from 53,000 to 39,000 — to accommodate construction of the new ballpark.
The Reds will continue playing baseball in the partially demolished stadium for two years, until the team's new home is ready in 2003.
The stands, from the left-field foul pole to right-center field, will be removed this fall. The scoreboard will be moved into right field.
John Allen, managing executive for the team, said the loss of seats will affect only a handful of games during the 2001 and 2002 seasons.
The team averaged 28,000 fans for its 82 home games last year, when it drew more than 2 million.
But certain games, such as Opening Day and the home stand with cross-state rival Cleveland, usually sell out. That's when the demolition will hit the Reds in the wallet.
Most of the tickets for the seats being removed sell for about $7.
“We won't lose any advertising signage, and there are only a few games when we draw more than 38,000,” Mr. Allen said. “So the impact will be minimal.”

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