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Killer reportedly took Luvox antidepressant

If you have AOL, put any of these keywords in your profile: "Eric Harris, Dylan  Klebold, Rebldomakr, Rebdomine, Rebdoomer". AOL will keep erasing your profile. Try it and see!

Small crosses for killers replace tall ones on hillside memorial

Guess what everyone? You know how all the news is trying to tell you that Eric and Dylan had NOOO signs that they would do this TERRIBLE act of crime and they were VERY good students? Guess what, they lied right in your face!  We are now getting new underground evidence that tells us how sick these kids were and how much of losers they really were! 
The following link shows you the confidential documents explaining how Eric Harris threatened the life of another kid and also explains how he planned to commit mass murder in the future.



Greg Zanis, fixing the crosses of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold after they were vandalized not long
after being put up

Did you know the police started shooting at the 2 boys before they even entered the school? Do you think that may have made the situation worse?  I think its VERY suspicious that the 2 boys killed themselves after only a few minutes, there has to be something here that they are not telling us. And also, did anyone hear about the bullet hole found in the back of Dylan's head?  Could the SWAT team have done this? Not sure if this part is true yet. The police say the propane bomb found inside was done by a professional. Could Eric's dad be in on it? Now I am wondering, when will Harris & Klebold's funeral be? Imagine how many protestors will be there!! I am sick of ignorant people and media saying the shooting was because of violent movies and video games.They say Eric was a fan of Doom. How come we never hear them talk about how much other kids like playing Doom and other games also? They say music and graphic lyrics make people do this. Guess what, Eric's favorite music group was KMFDM, do you know how many messages of hate were in their lyrics?.......none.

Click here to see a morph video
Click here to see a morph of all the students who lost their lives
(right click, and choose "save as")

Until we have stricter punishment in this country, the shootings will continue.  I am sick of people saying "Pray for them" because im sure everyone of those 13 students prayed in that school, and where are they now??? This site is dedicated to all the people in this world who think movies, TV, and games lead to this kind of sick behavior. I say GET A LIFE!  What about the millions of other normal people who have no problems with it. For the ones who cant handle this type of violence, there is no hope for them anyways. Stop the censorship, if you dont wanna see it, simply TURN IT OFF, but dont hurt the rest of us just because you don't like it!

The school cafeteria was all captured on videotape.
Nobody killed was caught on tape, but just the crawling injured.
If you have anymore info, or have a copy of this tape please let me know!


More Guns = Less Crime
When it is risky for criminals to commit crimes the murder rate goes down. Many multiple victim public shootings are minimized by law obeying citizens who have guns. This truth is backed up by many studies.

Both killers had AOL accounts. One of them was Eric Harris and his screen name was "Rebldomakr". The other guys screen name was "Wurmhole". Their profiles are  now deleted after what had happened.

Learn a little more about these 2 natural born killers

Both stereotypes were used to portray Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold Wednesday.
The truth about the two 17-year-olds who massacred their fellow students at Columbine High School probably lies somewhere in between.
It died when they turned their weapons on themselves to end Tuesday's slaughter.
Police offered the basics:
Eric David Harris, born April 4, 1981, 5 foot 9 inches, 140 pounds.
Dylan Bennett Klebold, born Sept. 11, 1981, 6 foot 3 inches, 180 pounds.
In January 1998, the two were arrested together for first-degree criminal trespass after breaking into a car. They entered a plea bargain and finished a juvenile diversion program — essentially probation — in February, Jefferson County District Attorney Dave Thomas said.
Klebold's father contacted the district attorney's office through an intermediary Tuesday asking if it would help for him to come to Columbine during the standoff. Thomas said he sent a message back that since they had no contact with the young men, the father's assistance wasn't needed. Thomas said he had no idea how Klebold knew to call about the incident.
Beyond that, the picture painted by fellow students, neighbors and law enforcement is blurry.
In last year's Columbine yearbook, they posed as members of the "Trench Coat Mafia."
"He was always wearing that black coat and he had a chain wallet, a chain hanging down to his knees," said Sean Kennedy, 12, who sometimes played roller hockey with Harris. "We knew him just as a hockey player. He's been really nice to us."
Despite the dark clothes, Sean said Harris wasn't all that unusual looking — no dyed hair or makeup common among many teens these days.
"They didn't look like other people," one Columbine student said. "They didn't dress or act like other people."
Not everyone agreed that the rest of the school ostracized members of the so-called Trench Coat Mafia. "It's really not a gang," said senior Nick Baumgart, 17.
"It's kind of been blown up by the media. They were just a loose group of kids who felt they were outsiders."
The district attorney offered a similar caution, saying, "A lot of kids wear black clothes and Doc Martens so I don't want to make more of that than there is."
Tuesday, Harris, Klebold and another friend missed their 6:30 a.m. bowling class at Englewood's AMF Belleview Lanes.
"You always kind of noticed them," said 17-year-old John Hause, demonstrating the Nazi stiff-armed salute the two shooting suspects would give after a particularly good roll.
A look at their neighborhoods revealed what should have been the boys next door — if you lived in an upper-middle class neighborhood.
Wednesday, the shutters and curtains were closed on the slate-blue and tan brick, two-story home at the end of a cul de sac in southern Littleton. Two empty garbage cans sat near a Toyota four-wheel drive pickup in the driveway. Two women dressed in black emerged from the house and drove away in a Nissan Pathfinder shortly after noon.
Eric Harris lived there with his parents, Wayne and Katherine Harris, and an older brother, Kevin, 21.
The Plattsburgh Press-Republican reports that Eric Harris lived on the U.S. Air Force base in Plattsburgh for most of 1993 to 1996. There he played Little League baseball, went to birthday parties, fit in well at Stafford Middle School and was part of the school crowd.
Kyle Ross, a Plattsburgh High School senior, first saw his former friend's picture on the television news Wednesday morning.
"My mouth just dropped," Ross said of his former social studies classmate. "He was a typical kid. He didn't seem anything like what is portrayed (about him) on TV," Ross told the newspaper.
Harris' father, Major Wayne Harris, was a pilot at the Air Force base in northeastern New York near the Canadian border.
"I don't really know them at all," said Debbie Wilde, who lives two doors away. "They're not real sociable. We don't see them outside a lot. Eric, I wouldn't know him. I couldn't even have told you what he looked like until yesterday.
"He never caused any problems with anyone here."
But Sean said his neighbor changed recently.
"Two or three months ago he just became a bat," Sean said. "He stayed inside his garage all the time."
Wilde's husband had noticed the black BMW driven by Klebold in the Harris drive. The BMW was there Saturday, she said, when neighborhood kids said they heard glass breaking and power saws from the garage.
West of Harris' house in the foothills, the Klebold home and a guest house are nestled among the red rock outcropping of the Deer Creek Mesa neighborhood near Ken Caryl Ranch Open Space. A locked, coded gate bars entry to the drive.
A sign on the fence outside the house was addressed to Klebold's parents, Susan and Thomas Klebold. Susan Klebold is assistant director to an employment project for the Colorado Community College Occupation Educational System, which oversees the state's community colleges.
The sign read, "Sue and Tom, We (heart) you. We're here for you. CALL US." Nineteen people had signed their first names.
Deer Creek neighbors didn't want to discuss the Klebolds.
"We know them and we're pretty upset," said one woman as three teenage girls played on a trampoline sunk into the yard. "We have teenage girls. They're upset."
Said another neighbor: "We know them well. It's a tragedy. They're good people."
Columbine student Chris Logan, 18, said he was friends with Klebold until their sophomore year, when the shooting suspect "kind of went his own way."
"But I didn't think he had something up his sleeve," Logan said.
An Arapahoe Sheriff Bomb Squad truck left the Klebold residence around 1 p.m. Wednesday, although law enforcement officials remained at the house.
Wilde said police arrived at the Harris home early Tuesday afternoon, breaking into the house. They later returned and evacuated the neighborhood for about an hour as they searched for bombs. Police remained at the home late into the night, she said.
"He was just fine. I don't know what happened," Sean Kennedy said. "It's just freaky to me, this guy living right here."

Im sick of people crying about what happens in schools, how about they do something about it instead? Like making punishment greater in this country. Did you know the teen who shot up all those kids in KY is getting out free when he turns 20??   I hope this worries you because it sure as hell does scare me!

Listen to the 911 call
(hear gunshots in background)


What exactly happened at Columbine HS?

Critics Want to Cancel All MaRiLyN MaNsOn Shows!

We will not let this happen. Where is our first fucking amendment?

Click hear to read about Marilyn Manson philosophy. A website to develop Strong Teenage Minds in a world of so much confusion and so many lies.

As soon as I heard the first reports of the fact that the suspects were online and that there were possibly web sites that forewarned of the horrible crime, I decided I'd put my internet search skills to use and try to see what I could dig up. From the reports I saw on television, it seemed that the media was searching online, but in my opinion somewhat inefficiently.

Click here to see Eric's WBS Website


"Fake AOL profiles" proliferate this morning, April 21, as people are pretending to create accounts under the name "Eric Harris", with references to "The Trench Coat Mafia" and so on. (See this story http://abcnews.go.com/sections/tech/DailyNews/littleton_internet990421.html at ABCNEWS). However, for a period of time last night, the day of the shooting, the actual profiles for accounts listed to an Eric Harris in Littleton, CO. were available. Last night profiles that contained "Trench Coat Mafia" and Littleton numbered perhaps 9 or 10, when I first searched. Some people are reporting "Look at this! And this reference". Chances are it's a "hoax" profile, created sometime within the last 24 hours.

...It seems that the media and the public are eating up any information relevant to the background of these derranged killers (I too wonder who they are)- being able to profile them and say "Why would one do this? Who did this?". Reports abound about the connection to the web and AOL, and about the discovery of bombs in the school, left and right. Yet, "The Book" offers insight into it all! Authentic, downloaded from Eric Harris's web directory by myself last night, before AOL nuked the account (or the profile atleast... "Rebdoomer") along with all the other genuine accounts I traced probably to Eric Harris.

Indeed, it appears the AOL accounts of Eric Harris still exist - and that AOL is simply blocking the profile listing, as well as having removed thebook.doc from the directory/limiting web access? Perhaps. And it's their right to do so. But last night, the only one I thought to capture in a JPEG, other than text, was the first, "media reported" profile (so this is nothing new, but for those of you who haven't seen it):


Why then, has no one noticed "The Book"? There are irrelevant quotes left and right about the music the killers listening to, their planning, their motives.... and yet this could tell you what those bombs are made of, and even has eerie foreshadowing...

As I noted last night "The amount of forewarning in the AOL profiles ("Occupation: senior at CHS and the rest is still unpublished.") is rather eerie, and makes me tremble with even more concern for how we could have prevented this "as a society". "Reb" (As in rebel?) is the constant theme that runs through Eric Harris's (Again, with a great deal of certainty what I and the media have conjecture are Eric HArris's) accounts/"handles".


In this document, "The Book", Harris [if he is indeed the author, again as it seems to be] perhaps speaks of the act, the planning, and his imminent suicide:

"I did try it on the Delta batch, and since they won t be used until NBK it ll be kind of hard to report the results. You might try asking the survivors if they got a good look at the bomb before it went off and then the remains!"

...whatever the NBK is I dont know, perhaps "Natural Born Killers"?, a reference to April 20?, or some kind of German acronym?

He continually mentions "war" and the testing of his explosives.

In any event, and I'm not doing this in chronological order, this is how I got to "the document", which Eric Harris entitled "The Book", it seems, or "Pipe Bombs".

Using the AOL member directory search option, I was able to link an account to Eric Harris in Littleton, CO - and I decided to search the default AOL member directory off of that (users.aol.com/rebldomakr i think it was), and was greeted with an old zip file. That zip file, found as killer.zip -  "Doom" which he had created, was 3 years old. I figured "hey, while this is still here, why don't I download it". In it, however, was a text file, UACLABS.TXT -  which noted his screen name (Account) on AOL was "rebdomine". Looking up that profile, again a match on AOL for his location, "handle" and so on - but you couldn't get to this searching for his name. No name is given, yet he's tied back to the account - Eric Harris - by virtue of the aforementioned connection.

The initial AOL screen-name from media reports was "REBLDOMAKR".


Member Name: ERIC HARRIS
Location: Littleton, CO USA
Birthdate: BC
Sex: Male
Marital Status: Single
Hobbies: professional doom and doom2, creator. meeting beautiful females, being cool.
Computers: pentium75, 8megs of RAM, soon will be better........
Occupation: part-time worker at a fireworks stand in CO, and DOOMING the hell out of my computer!(playing doom, a lot: )
Personal Quote: when in doubt, pull it out.(computers)-----Shut up and shoot it.----Quit whining, it's just a flesh wound-----Kill Em AALLLL!!!!

... to the best of my knowledge this was INDEED ERIC HARRIS'S AOL ACCOUNT. Of course, AOL won't let you see it now...

If you went into that default web directory (I do this when I look to see if people have web pages, you assume perhaps..), http://users.aol.com/rebldomakr, you found a zip file... UACLS.ZIP or something to that effect, as I mentioned before. Only by downloading that zip and reading the accompanying text file could you find that Eric Harris also had a screen name, "Rebdomine" - which was referenced in that file. Otherwise, if you had searched for his name, since it's not given, it would have been blank. This was for me the major leap which wasn't apparent in what the media or anyone might do in searching... perhaps now yes, and to think that if AOL had thought to check on the accounts, or the FBI, or whoever... they MUST have known about this document. Maybe the document isn't of interest... but as we search for information, I believe it is.

One of his profiles said this, I believe it was the AOL account "Rebldomakr":

Member Name: REB
Location: Littleton.
Birthdate: siebzehn
Sex: Male
Marital Status: naah.
Hobbies: making fun of you people.
Computers: cow.
Occupation: senior at CHS and the rest is still unpublished.
Personal Quote: its fun being schizophrenic.


Member Name: ...
Location: Littleton, CO USA. Nil sine numine.
Birthdate: ...
Sex: Male
Marital Status: ...
Hobbies: Semper fidelis.
Computers: ...
Occupation: ...
Personal Quote: Its always something. Si vis pacem, para bellum.


Of all the news of "possible suspect AOL profiles" that I've heard from people (who searched themselves) or the reports that have started to trickle into "the media", I have yet to see this above one listed - perhaps because of the methods explained above which drew me to this screen name (Rebdoomer?) through a twisted path. The Latin quote (finally got to use my Latin skills again), apparent in his web page that has been published by the media (a jpeg), I translated to mean "If you want peace, prepare for war". Yes, I visited that web page, found some other profiles which you could link to him, and so on.. but all that is of relevance is I want people to see the premeditation in his sick, twisted planning and research into bombing...

WE ARE RAISING A NATION OF YOUNG POTENTIAL TERRORISTS! As Eric HArris says in "The Book" aka "Pipe Bombs", to paraphrase - "making a pipe bomb is about as easy as buying a CD" [getting the materials]. That's just the issue. Access to guns? Yes and no. Simply the intent to committ horrible crimes? That's it. As they uncover more of the bombs and comment on how well planned this was, and how many people were involved, you'll realize that IT WAS A CONSPIRACY carried out by a GROUP of derranged teens, angry at society.... and so they commit one of the most heinous terrorist acts in American history and in OUR SCHOOLS...

...yet I don't have time to comment politically extensively on all of this... I don't think there's much we can do to prevent stuff like this from occuring... but it does concern me as a human, as a citizen, as a son, someday a father.. perhaps a teacher. Why am I commenting? Why am I curious? Because this affects ALL OF US at the deepest level. I only hope that people will have some morals and... anyway...

In any event, once I went to the web directory for this screen-name, rebdomine, a friend pointed out that there was a word document in it, that I had seen, yet couldn't get to open. I had glanced at the text... but importing it, The document, entitled "TheBook", follows. It sheds light into the planning of this heinous crime, this sick twisted individual... AT THE VERY LEAST WE CAN INFER THAT HE USED THIS IN HIS PLANNING... and what information is out there - as of now, that talks about that specifically, other than "This was planned in advance"? ...And I don't know, decide for yourself. It's also the first I've heard, after reading nearly every media source I can find, of this document's existence.

Weapons Used
-One TEC DC 9, modified, semi-automatic pistol
-One sawed-off double-barrel shotgun
-One sawed-off pump-action shotgun
-One 9 mm semi-automatic rifle
-More than 30 homemade explosives, including pipe
bombs, crude hand grenades and a propane tank with
explosives attached.

It tended to open in Word as "garbage characters" mixed with text, but this also shows, deep in the file - much the same way that guy in Cambridge, MA tracked the creator of the Melissa virus - that the document was created by a user/computer with the name "Wayne Harris" - I would guess, the father of Eric Harris. All of the methods outlined in the document appear to have been used in his bombs at the school? It offers horrific insight into the mind of this criminal and.... I can't even put it in words. This kid basically wrote a document, which it looks like he wanted to distribute in the computer underground - on how to make a bomb. That's nothing new, and documents of that type have existed for years on BBS computer systems even before the Internet. Yet, he speaks of HIS methods, HIS tests.. and HIS plans.

Again, this document may have already been discovered [Note added later: A number of people who've emailed me said they too had found this document earlier] and be of  NO RELEVANCE to anything... yet as I mentioned, the news of it isn't out there yet. [And I'm adding another note later - remember, All this commentary is old, before this hit the media... which was the goal, to let the public know. I'd love to go through and change the verb tenses and commentary, maybe when I have the time...] So it can't hurt to inform those who are curious. I've been overwhelmed with emails asking "Do you know more?". Everything I know is pasted on this page. And another is "how do I know so much about them" - research, analysis and inference.

Formerly in this place I had the full text of "The Book", Eric Harris, murderer's, Manifesto on how to make bombs in order to maim, kill and so on. I have reduced it to quotes of the relevant text - whether he is the author, or if he took this primer into consideration, that shed light onto our understanding of the crime, his nature, and so on. There's no need to go into any more detail than that. The Anarchist's Cookbook is basically all he talked about, which is very old. With reports of a video tape (I doubt it was even turned on) in the media, as I said we'll probably be learning far more.

The famous BOOK.DOC that was deleted
immediately after the Columbine Massacre

"Pipe bombs. Pipe bombs are some of the easiest and deadliest ways to kill a group of people or destroy a few things.
First off, we will talk about the pipes. Second will be the explosive filler and last will be the shrapnel.
PIPES: Pipes are about as easy to purchase as a CD. You do not want to have the length any longer than 8 inches.
Diameter should usually be between ’’ and 2’’. If it’s any longer than around 8’’ it might not blow up how it’s
supposed to. If it’s thicker than around 2’’, it will cost you a fuck-load of money. Normal metal galvanized pipes are the
best to use, since plastic melts to easy and I don’t think copper would be that great. Never did try it though. The way I
bought most of my pipes is by going out and getting all of the caps one day, then getting the pipes a few days later, or at
a different store. You don’t want to look too suspicious. After you buy the caps you need to drill a 1/8’’ hole in the
center of 1 cap per pipe. This is for the cannon fuse. Be sure to use good quality cannon fuse that isn’t bent or taped
together, to be sure it all burns correctly. Try to keep that fuse in good condition. Even though you can bend and fold
that fuse all to hell and back and it will most likely still burn though, you do not want to have a bunch of your enemies
staring at a real heavy paperweight that isn’t smoking. Once you have the hole in the cap stick the cannon fuse through it
and tape it on so it doesn’t keep moving around. 1-2 inches inside the pipe should be plenty to do the job, but in a fix
you can have as little as a fingernail’s length. As far as how much you want on the outside, that depends on the delay you
want the blast to have. For a grenade type bomb you want about a finger’s length, for fun bombs you want about 2 feet,
and for time bombs you want about an inch. Screw that cap onto the pipe nice and hard, and then rig up some sort of
holder so you can fill the pipe and not screw up the fuse. There are several ways you can do that, so just be creative and
POWDER: The kind of powder I have used throughout my pipe bombs has been mostly the same and has proved its’
worth plenty of times. So you really don’t have to spend a day making the perfect powder or wasting money and time
buying special ingredients to make plastic explosives or TNT or whatever. Normal firework powder works great. I used
all sorts of fountains to get my powder from. Almost anything will work. Your other option is actual gunpowder. If yer
18, you can buy this shit at almost any gun store. Buy the fastest burning powder you can, but don’t blow your money on
something to expensive. Gunpowder is gunpowder. 15 dollars will buy you about a coffee can full. The best way to
de-powder fountains is to get a real real sharp knife and cut it in half, and squish and tap all of the powder out. Be sure
you don’t get any of the orange crap in the powder though, that shit is called clay. It don’t blow up. It may be time
consuming but I say it’s worth it. If you are doing it inside your room be sure you have plenty of newspaper down
because accidents do happen and if you have a big black stain on yer carpet, mom and dad might ask some questions.
Another thing, surgical gloves come in handy too, because your hand will be completely black by the time you are done.
I used a coffee can to store the powder in, but really anything with a good lid and a wide mouth will do. Cool looking
glass containers like at Hobby Lobby come in handy if you want to keep certain kinds of powder separated. Once you
have all of the powder ready and the pipe+cap+fuse stabilized, go ahead and start pouring that shit in. Use a funnel for
small diameter pipes, or a folded sheet of paper or cardboard for larger pipes. After it’s about half full, tap it on a hard
surface until it will not settle any more. You want as much powder as physically possible in there. Once it is full, repeat
the last step. Then add a little mountain of powder on top of the full, settled powder and screw on the cap. It might be
wise to wipe down the threads to remove any shit there. The tighter those 2 caps are on, the better. Once that is on you
are basically ready to go. I put about 2 layers of duct-tape on my bombs so they make less noise when transporting
them. Just be sure that fuse is on there good and solid.
SHRAPNEL: Shrapnel is very important if you want to kill and injure a lot of people. Almost anything small and metal
will work. From paper clips cut into pieces to 2’’ nails. You can use screws, solder, BB’s, pellets, nails of all kinds,
buckshot of all sizes, twisted diskette centers, or any other kind of metal object that can be twisted into a small size, and
hell I’m sure staples would even be useful. Small handgun ammunition might even be an interesting addition to large sized
bombs. What I have done in the past is just tossed a few screws or 1’’ nails into the powder on the sheet of cardboard
and dumped it in just as I would normal powder. I have used a lot of #8 buckshot too, and for this I would either
sprinkle it in as I am pouring the powder in, or use the method just described. If you are using nails it might be a good
idea to have them right up against the pipe walls, so the go faster farther. As far as taping, tying, or gluing nails onto the
outside of the pipe, I am not sure that method works. I did try it on the Delta batch, and since they won’t be used until
NBK it’ll be kind of hard to report the results. You might try asking the survivors if they got a good look at the bomb
before it went off and then the remains!
Napalm: Napalm is used to burn people, houses, cars, or anything else that can be burnt. It can be produced in a wide variety of
ways and by using pages of different ingredients. In this text I will review the methods and ingredients that I have found
to be most promising.
INGREDIENTS: In just about every “anarchist” cookbook you can find you will see tons of napalm recipes. Through
trial and error I have found that only a few are worth the trouble. Although, some of my tests can not be considered
completely accurate since I was short on time and resources because of the war. First of all, one of the best recipes is
actually the simplest. Motor oil and gasoline in a glass bottle is about all you need. You could spend hours and hours and
lots of money to make a batch of napalm that if at all is only a little better. Styrofoam and gasoline is a fairly good
mixture, but it has its drawbacks. Styrofoam and gas makes a solution that reminds me of pizza dough. It is rubbery,
stringy, and is a bitch to transfer from containers. It burns for a good while, and after it is done burning it turns into a
hard, black, plastic-type substance. I won’t know how well it spreads upon explosion until actual combat, so I can’t say
anything about that. Another problem is that it takes about 20 cups of Styrofoam to make 1 cup of napalm. So unless
you own a packing service, it is hard to make a decent sized batch. Personally I was able to make about a gallon of the
stuff, but it wasn’t easy and I was almost discovered thanks to that fucking ever-present gasoline stench. As far as wax,
petroleum jelly, and bleach go I would need to do more extensive tests to come to any concrete conclusion. I know that
bleach+gas works a little worse than gas alone and that is the same for Vaseline+gas, and laundry detergent+gas. But,
heating the solution could make very large differences. I saw somewhere that egg whites, salt, and gas makes good
napalm, but that is utter bull shit. Not only is it fucking expensive and extremely time consuming, but also gas by itself is
ten times better than that crap. Toilet paper and gas might be a good mixture, but unfortunately I only had time to do a
small test. Results from that were very good though. I have tried model glue also, and the results were about the same as
gas alone. In short, you are much better off using gas and oil instead of any, and I mean fucking ANY, other mixture
because it is cheaper, easier, quicker, and works just as good or better than anything else does. It is a waste of time,
effort, and resources to try to figure out the ideal recipe when gas and oil will do the job just fine. If it can burn, the
molitov cocktail will most likely burn it.
STORAGE: Storing gasoline is one of the biggest pain-in-the-ass tasks I have gone through in the pre-war era. First of
all, you have to take into account that any extra gas containers lying around the shed or garage can easily cause
suspicion. Second of all, it smells. So putting a couple jars in your closet is a bad idea. Third, gas expands when it is hot,
so you don’t want to put it in your trunk under a blazing sun all day long, because it might just blow up. So some good
storage areas are deep in garage closets that are rarely visited, in your trunk if the weather is not hot at all, or under a
tarp in your yard some place, if you have a rather fucking large and wooded property around your house. Other than
those suggestions, you are on your own. Just be smart and remember the basic principles of gasoline. It’s flammable, it
smells, it expands when hot, and it needs a very good seal to prevent leakage from the container."


Eric Harris's AOL Homepage


From "THE BOOK" / "Pipe bombs"

Text from "The Book" is in yellow... comments in white.

"Pipe Bombs
Pipe bombs are some of the easiest and deadliest ways to kill a group of people or destroy a few things. First off, we will talk about the pipes. Second will be the explosive filler and last will be the shrapnel."...

(Comment): sick.

"PIPES: Pipes are about as easy to purchase as a CD.... The way I bought most of my pipes is by going out and getting all of the caps one day, then getting the pipes a few days later, or at a different store. You don't want to look too suspicious."

(Comment): Easily obtained, as the media had reported...

"Even though you can bend and fold that fuse all to hell and back and it will most likely still burn though, you do not want to have a bunch of your enemies staring at a real heavy paperweight that isn't smoking."

(Comment): Bombing your enemies... Consider this.

"...the delay you want the blast to have. For a grenade type bomb you want about a finger's length, for fun bombs ... so just be creative and resourceful."

(Comment): Bombs are NOT fun. Be creative and resourceful? Psychopathic.

"POWDER: The kind of powder I have used throughout my pipe bombs has been mostly the same and has proved its' worth plenty of times. So you really don't have to spend a day making the perfect powder or wasting money and time buying special ingredients to make plastic explosives or TNT or whatever. Normal firework powder works great..."

"...If yer 18, you can buy this shit at almost any gun store..."

(Comment): Eric's profile (suspected) and media reports confirm he worked at a fireworks/gunpowder store of some sort...? This is more of the specifics that tend to make me think HE is the author of the document. Again, it's quite expository... "I did this, I did that..."

"SHRAPNEL: Shrapnel is very important if you want to kill and injure a lot of people. Almost anything small and metal will work. From paper clips cut into pieces to 2'' nails. You can use screws, solder, BB's, pellets, nails of all kinds, buckshot of all sizes, twisted diskette centers, or any other kind of metal object that can be twisted into a small size, and hell I'm sure staples would even be useful.... Small handgun ammunition might even be an interesting addition to large sized bombs..."

(Comment): The specifics on bombs with the intent to kill, injure, maim in the worst way: gruesome and horrifying... There was a report that a neighbor heard them shattering glass in the garage for shrapnel...

"... I am not sure that method works. I did try it on the Delta batch, and since they won't be used until NBK it'll be kind of hard to report the results. You might try asking the survivors if they got a good look at the bomb before it went off and then the remains!"

(Comment): This is perhaps the strangest part of "The Book" in my opinion. Is this a reference to "Natural Born Killers"? Something else? Is it a forewarning and mention of the rampage to come? "You might try asking the survivors... remains". Sick...

"Napalm is used to burn people, houses, cars, or anything else that can be burnt. It can be produced in a wide variety of ways and by using pages of different ingredients. In this text I will review the methods and ingredients that I have found to be most promising."

(Comment): "Most promising" - consider the connotation...

" In just about every "anarchist" cookbook you can find you will see tons of napalm recipes. Through trial and error I have found that only a few are worth the trouble. Although, some of my tests can not be considered completely accurate since I was short on time and resources because of the war...."

(Comment): Tests and "the war" = ?

"Personally I was able to make about a gallon of the stuff, but it wasn't easy and I was almost discovered thanks to that fucking ever-present gasoline stench... I won't know how well it spreads upon explosion until actual combat, so I can't say anything about that" "

(Comment): Reference to combat...

"I know that bleach+gas works a little worse than gas alone and that is the same for Vaseline+gas, and laundry detergent+gas..."

"Other than those suggestions, you are on your own. Just be smart and remember the basic principles of gasoline... Storing gasoline is one of the biggest pain-in-the-ass tasks I have gone through in the pre-war era... It's flammable, it smells, it expands when hot, and it needs a very good seal to prevent leakage from the container."

(Comment): Again: the pre-war period = ?

Here are the Doom add ons Eric created



Mortal Kombat Doom!



I recall coming across thebook3.jpg in a directory listing, (we think, and Terry confirmed that it was perhaps the rebldomakr account) but this is another document (image) that I didn't think to save at the time. It didn't hit me until I found thebook.doc - the similar names: yet they are seemingly unrelated.

As an example of some of the misinformation out there, a local Boston news station said that "Eric Harris posted Satanic imagery on the group's web site" - this is an image from the game Doom, (His handle = REBel DOom MaKeR?) and the shot of the web site they showed was the WBS page with the KMFDM lyrics...

 book3e.jpg (129962 bytes)

Click here to see close up photos of the drawings

Click on the above image to download Thebook3.jpg.  The character on the bottom is a character from the game "Doom", as I mentioned above - a game that Eric Harris played religiously. He also designed Doom levels... and it looks to me like the sketch of a doom level (he had those levels available for download in his directory) with some doom characters (the "Doom Marine" appears to be on the right side - ABCNEWS had said "This appears to be a man with a gun atop a pile of skulls..." and indeed, that's the opening screen from doom if I recall!) - and DOOM weapons! That's right, if you've played doom you'll recognize it... So I really think that's all that this is, and that the media is coming to incorrect conclusions about the "alleged drawing"...

Why might this be on graph paper? I believe that doom levels (WADs) are created on a grid system....

Gunmen wanted to kill 500 people

Are you looking for the "Trenchcoat Mafia Web Page"? As far as I can see, it doesn't exist and never did - a page for their "group", or clique as they've been referred to as. Yet, the page that everyone is looking for [perhaps why you're here?] APPEARS to be Eric's personal page with quotes that match the AOL profiles (!!!) and everything else. The media was RAVING about the content of the page, the words... and as it turns out it's apparently lyrics to a song ("Son of a Gun" of the album XTort? I have the album... scarily enough, and I also wear a black trenchcoat. And look, I'm not a mass murderer... the references made to the "goth" subculture, metal music, all of that stuff - will be devestating as far as stereotypical generalizations... And as the media jumps on "These kids did this because of these influences, and this dark subculture..."... TELL ME. HOW CAN YOU GROUP 2 [or more] PSYCHOPATHS SUCH AS THIS INTO A "SOCIAL CATEGORY", AND USE IT AS A FUNCTION OF DESCRIBING THEIR BEHAVIOR? THESE SICKOS ARE IN A CATEGORY OF THEIR OWN...) by KMFDM, and not much more than that. I believe this page was first reported by MSNBC. It is/was (is it a matter of time before it too goes down?) located at: http://bigsun.wbs.net/homepages/r/e/b/rebthejuvey/rebthejuvey.html

... this page also pointed to the "rebdomine" AOL account. Interestingly, the directly listing, http://users.aol.com/rebdomine/ is still there - yet it seems AOL is only blocking a profile search of it? I don't even have the time to keep up!

Within the "/r/e/b/rebthejuvey/" directory where that above web page was located was REB.jpg, which contained the "If you want peace, prepare for war" Latin quote, imposed over "R E B". It's safe to assume that this is the graphic he used for graphic-based web-chat on WBS. Again, Terry thought to save this whereas I kinda thought it would be up there forever. Thankfully I got those profiles and thebook.doc before it all went offline...

Photo Gallery

Update: Someone has suggested to me that perhaps Eric Harris didn't write "The Book" and that it's straight out of "The Anarchist's Cookbook" or something of that sort? I believe Eric probably wrote it - and it refers to "anarchist's cookbook" as an external source.. it seems to be a new, personalized offering on tips/building/materials with respect to pipe bombs. This was in the news in 1993 and 1994 - bomb instructions and other materials available online, and I recall thinking "Sure, the information is out there... but who's sick enough to use it?". What we do know is that Eric had this file on his web site, had saved it in his version of MS Word, probably wanted to distribute it (since it was in his web directory), and it appears he used the information contained within - with horrific consequences...

Again, as I said.. I really don't know. Perhaps we never will. But as all this develops, "in the media" (and right here this web page is the usage of "new media" and the publishing power of one person) we will learn more and more... Everything seems to be coming together. As people in Littleton gain their composure, people have time to investigate, and so on, far more relevant, interesting, saddening - and uplifting news is coming to light. This may be entirely irrelevant, but I feel I'm doing something to preserve the files / information that was once available publicly and in some cases now gone! That is the purpose that this is here....

I have obtained a copy of an audio tape of Harris and Klebold from a court hearing they attended last year

Related Documents

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Court Records
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youths from juvenile program
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The ones who weren't so lucky
Seems to me that these boys handpicked the students. They were either jocks, very religious, or another ethnic.
Click here to see all 13 students morphed together into 1 file

Cassie Bernall, 17. A very attractive junior, she often studied during the noon hour in the school library -- site of the worst violence.

Steve Curnow, 14. The freshman wanted to be a pilot and was looking forward to seeing the new Star Wars movie.

Corey DePooter, 17. An All-American boy, his 15-year-old sister fled from the massacre unharmed. He was a junior.

Kelly Fleming, 16. She was an aspiring songwriter and author who wrote scores of poems and short stories.

Matthew Kechter, age unavailable. The sophomore had good grades, played football and "everyone loved him."

Dan Mauser, 15. A sophomore, the straight-A student ran track and wasn't shy about hugging his mother.

Daniel Rohrbough, 15. The freshman was shot down outside the school as the two gunmen began their rampage.

William "Dave" Sanders (teacher and coach), 42. The longtime coach and teacher put himself in the line of fire while shepherding at least 100 students to safety.

Rachel Scott, 17. A junior, her red Acura Legend parked outside the school was covered with flowers and balloons as a memorial.

Isaiah Shoels, 18. The wise-cracking senior was a bodybuilder who dreamed of becoming a music executive like his dad.

John Tomlin, 16. The sophomore was described by his father as "a perfect son."

Lauren Townsend, 18. A senior, she loved animals, Shakespeare and volleyball.

Kyle Velasquez, 15. Information about Kyle was unavailable Thursday.

The Injured

At least 24 people, most students with gunshot wounds, were hospitalized, including one who remains on a ventilator after being shot in the face, chest and legs.

Swedish Medical Center (4 hospitalized)

1.Valerie Schnurr, 18, serious but stable; shrapnel wounds

2.Anna Marie Hochhalter, critical condition; gunshot wound to chest

3.Sean Graves, 15, serious but stable; shot in back; possible spinal

4.Richard Casaldo, 17, critical condition; shot in chest, arm and back

Denver Health Medical Center (4 hospitalized)

1.Lisa Kreutz, 18, multiple gunshot wounds to her body; doing well.

2.Mark Kingen, 17, serious but stable condition; multiple gunshot
wounds to head and neck.

3.Female, 18, fair condition with multiple gunshot wounds to lower

4.Male, 16, critical but stable condition with gunshot wounds to his
face, chest and legs; is breathing on a ventilator.

Lutheran Medical Center (2 treated total, 1 released)

1.Brian Anderson, 17, treated and released; superficial chest wounds
received from gunshots.

2.Nicole Nowlen, 16, gunshot wounds to abdomen; fair condition.

Littleton Adventist Hospital (10 treated total; 7 of whom released, 1 other taken via helicopter to St. Anthony Central; 2 remain hospitalized in good condition -- one male, one female; identities and other details not released)

St. Anthony Central Hospital (4 hospitalized)

1.Female, 17, serious condition, gunshot wounds.

2.Male, 15, critical condition, gunshot wounds.

3.Male, 19, stable condition, gunshot wounds; brought from Littleton
Adventist via helicopter.

4.Male, 17, serious condition, gunshot wounds.

University Hospital (1 hospitalized)

1.Male, 16, serious condition with gunshot wounds to chest and leg.

Photos of the guns used in the killings

Find out what REALLY happened from Zach, a student that was actually there

My name is Zach Johnston. I am a student at Columbine High school in Jefferson County Colorado. It is on this site that I will try to explain from my personal point of view what happened to my school on April 20, 1999. Sorry if the grammer is below average, I really do not care. I will express my views as well as feelings about this seemingly unavoidable tragedy.
The things I say are what I think or believe what happened. Not actually what happened. I will only place bits and pieces of what I know on this site
I woke up at 6:10 a.m. on April 20, 1999. I had a fairly bad cold and a soar throat. I didn’t feel like going to school but since my friend was picking me up I didn’t want to make her drive for nothing. She arrived at my house and we
proceeded to goto school at Columbine Senior High. Since April 20 is 4:20, it was a day that many students were
supposed to love and enjoy for various reasons. Heh. Various people told me "Happy 4:20 Zach!" and "its 4:20 and I
have an important date with you know who." The day seemed pretty normal. I think I faired well on my math test and we watched Cyrano De Bergerac in World Studies. After math I rushed to my locker to meet a friend so we could go out for lunch. The time was precisely 11:00 and we headed to my house because I didn’t feel so well and wanted to take some Tylenol. At about 11:30 we headed back for school. We were headed north on Pierce when suddenly we saw a police cruiser in the middle of the road beside a cargo van and a little Mazda. I figured "oh well another accident that could have been prevented and everyone is over reacting." I had no idea how wrong I was. I told the person driving to head in the Woodmar neighborhood so we could get to school using my "stealth" route. We were then passed by a bunch of kids in a White Cherokee who were honking and waving their arms at us. I thought to myself "Crap they wanna beat me up and we cant get away because her car is too slow" Then they honked at everyone else so I felt a lot better. I then told her to try a different way to school. We headed north on Wadsworth then turned and went on Bowles where we eventually got to piece the street my school is one. This is where I knew something was very wrong.
Piece was blocked off from this side of school as well. As we waited in a crowded intersection as cops desperately tried to guide traffic, I saw a horde of my fellow students running towards us. I yelled at a Girl I knew and asked her what happened. She said "Some guys in black charged into school and just shot everyone!!!" I saw hundreds of parents who somehow found out about all this. They were running every which way trying to find their sons and daughters. It was a terribly disturbing sight. I remember specifically one little girl from my choir class crying about how she saw her friend get shot. My first thought was to get home as quickly as possible to call my Mom since I knew she would find out about all this before I would, so I did just that. We did a U turn and headed back to my house. I live about 1 mile from the school and counted 35 police cars passing us as we drove. Ambulances and police cars barging over medians motorcycle cops weaving through opposite traffic almost killing themselves. Its actually quite amazing that police units can do such wide fishtails and keep control. By the time I got home and called my mom to tell her I was okay, the thought of what was happening hadn’t quite sinked in yet.
My friend called her mom and aunt and stuff. When she got off the phone, she told me her brother and cousin were still in the school somewhere. Her brother later called and said he got out but her cousin was still inside.
I ran into the family room and turned on the TV. Every station was covering the situation at my school. Several stations
had Ariel shots that amazed me. Of course the media blurted out a bunch of crap about the situation that they knew
nothing of, and basically made stuff up as they went along. I never knew how much the media is full of crap about things
until they talk about stuff I know about personally.
I live on top of a huge hill overlooking the entire Denver Metro Area and could see the school in the distance. I counted 5 helicopters and 2 planes circling the premises. I could also see Clement park where tons of parents desperately searched to find their children. The southwest side is the part of the school I could view. The Library and Cafeteria are both on this side. Apparently this is where all the action was taking place. The entire southwest side of the school is a huge glass window. Several windows were shattered. This is basically all I could see from here.
The TV said that there were still 900 some odd students left in the school with the gunmen. This is about half the
population of the student body. While I watched and wondered for myself what was happening, I knew in my heart who was responsible for this massacre. About a month ago my friends …
and I went out to lunch. After lunch we had the same World History class so we would talk together. We would often
pass these 2 kids who wore trench coats. Everyone referred to them as the "Trench Coat Mafia". My friend referred to
them as the "RammStein Boyz". Whatever you wanted to call them, you could tell they were different. Well, one day, my friend snarled a remark about Rammstein under his breath as we passed these 2 guys. The short one who was named Eric Harris confronted my friend about it. He said "Everyday you pass me and make fun of me saying Rammstien sucks. Why do you do this crap asshole? What did I do to you?" My friend replied "Oh man your so cool, you’re my idol!" Then Eric’s friend Dylan approached us seeming to back up his friend. I really didn’t want to get involved in a fight eventhough I knew these guys wouldn’t stand a chance. I was afraid of things they might do to us. Eric was a short clean cut looking kid and Dylan was a very tall skinny guy with messed up hair. He always wore the trench coat, a hat and dark sunglasses. The bell rang and they left and we went into class. That was the end of the confrontation.
When I got my facts straight and figured out that 2 gunmen entered the school and killed several people I knew, I figured the Trench Coat Mafia was responsible. Many helpless crying people said they recognized them as this group. I was shocked to understand that my hunch was correct. They showed the pictures of Eric Harris and Dylan on TV. Once I saw their pictures, I knew they had no demands or intent to leave Columbine High school alive.
This is the way I think it happened. I have heard several stories from the media, friends, and others, but put this one
together myself…
Eric and Dylan didn’t go to school on Tuesday April 20, 1999. They did attend bowling class early in the morning though. Instead they entered the student parking lot at 11:00. Eric in his black prelude, and Dylan in his black BMW 325 that the media is trying to say makes him a rich, privileged kid. It’s a crappy early 80s one and if you know what I mean about early Beemers, they do suck. They must have taken a few minutes to booby trap their cars and a few other cars as well. Once they were fully suited up they open fire on kids heading out in the parking lot that were going to lunch. Some sources say they had body armor strapped to themselves. They threw bombs outside and one even blew up his car. After shooting outside they charged into the Cafeteria where they must have sprayed bullets everywhere. After shooting in the Cafeteria, they ran up the stairs, shot people in the Oh-so-familiar halls of Columbine High School, then entered the Library. Of course, they threw bombs all over the place inside as well. Nobody knows as of yet how long they were in the Library. Some kids go there during their lunch hour to study or get work done. My guess is about 30 kids were in the library as usual that day. They charged into the Library, shot some people then stopped. I heard stories of kids who escaped the library. They said that the 2 gunmen told all the jocks to stand up because "they are dead!" the gunmen also claim to hate minorities as well, I think that is bullshit. I Think they wanted to kill everyone they could. I heard a story from one girl who said that one of them pulled out a knife and said "I have always wanted to kill someone with a knife." Then he put it away for some reason. I have a feeling it was Eric who said this. I think they shot people hiding under tables execution style. People say they would laugh after they killed someone. I guess when they figured they had enough "fun", they took their own lives. I don’t know whether they were in the library for 5 minutes or 5 hours. After they shot themselves, a few survivors in the library ran out.
I guess as the gunmen were entering the school, people could hear the gunshots and explosions. Take my word for it, my school is huge, so autorities didn’t know where to go. I guess Mr. Sanders was one of several teachers who was trying to guide students out of the school or at least to a secure area within. He was unfortunately shot, but managed to stagger to a nearby Science room where one of my friends cousin was hiding. He walked in bloody and dying where he passed out, fell down and broke his jaw. My friend's cousin tried to keep his air passage open for some amount of time. They say he sat up but fell down again a few times. A few hours passed, and the SWAT team barged into the room and cleared everyone out. They said that Mr. Sanders had to be left there since he was unable to be kept conscious. It was shortly after this time that I believe Mr. Sanders, my keyboarding teacher, died. He was also a girls Basketball coach and a business teacher.
Across the hall from the science room, there was the Choir room, where 60 students stayed for 3 hours. Some moved
ceiling tiles to get fresh air in. A SWAT team eventually got them out as well.
A guy named Nick, was somewhere in the school. He got into the ceiling and crawled to try to get out. The ceiling gave in and he fell 20 ft. He was luckily toward the front of the school, far opposite from where Eric and Dylan were, so he was taken to safety.
I remember seeing one student at a window. Obviously shot several times. It appeared that he was trying to jump out the 2nd story library window and end his pain. It was the most disturbing and moving sight I have ever witnessed in my life. What the incredibly ignorant news crew cameramen weren’t seeing was a fire truck just below the window that the boy was aiming for. SWAT members grabbed him and carried him off to safety. As he was taken from the window, his blood drenched sock touched the wall and smeared all over. I felt immense sadness after seeing this particular scene. The first version I saw was this kid trying to jump and kill himself, I later saw a better angle that showed the boy being pulled from the window. I guess the retard news crew cut off the scene right before the hands of the SWAT members came into view. I learned later that His name is Patrick, a kid I have known since 2nd grade. He once made fun of my for buying Rebok Pumps in 3rd grade because they were 5 sizes too big:)
During the entire siege, SWAT teams entered the school at various places and rushed to get my classmates out. For all
they knew, they were rushing into the school with guns drawn and the killers could be anywhere. But, I knew that these 2 gunmen weren’t silly kids influenced by games, and tv. They were trained and had planned out this entire day. Brooks, a student I had a choir class with explained how he knew people involved in this "Trench Coat Mafia". At the time he spoke to me about them, it had nothing to do with anything. It was just a random conversation that took place several months ago. He told news crews that every time somebody messed with them or teased them, they would go home and plan this thing out. It wasn’t something they did after a good day at school according to Brooks, who had no part in it.
About a year ago, I worked at a movie theatre with one of the Trench Coat Mafia kids. I wont list his name since I don’t think he had anything to do with this. He would constantly complain about rich jocks and other stuff that is common to hear. I figured to myself "just an angry kid venting some anger." Then one night he came into work and told me he had been chased in his car by so and so. Well, turns out so and so were athletes from my school who don’t seem to have anything better do to than torment this dude.
I can see why the fellow I worked with hated Columbine High School. I Can safely say that I don’t think he took part in the Terror that was created a few days ago. I don’t think he was a corrupt kid either. I think that Eric and Dylan were the only ones involved that I knew about. Although now police are saying they found 30 explosive devices in backpacks, under bodies, and inside lockers, so they probably were not in it alone. These devices had been planted before the gunmen entered the school.
If other members of this "Trench Coat Mafia" were treated like my past co-worker, then this is their only "motive" for
doing what they did a few days ago. They were 2 outcast kids that were constantly made fun of, and they finally snapped. What they were thinking before they performed this horror will never be conceivable to anyone. It had nothing to do with Doom or Quake, TV or movies, it is all pain inside their heads that they couldn’t deal with. Some blame parents, other students, the NRA, or whatever. No! They weren’t man enough to deal with their misfortunes, so they took the easy way out.
During the disaster at my school The names of the dead where withheld for various reasons. Having an idea who was in
that library was the worst feeling I have ever had to deal with. A friend told me that Patrick had been shot. He was alive and taken to the hospital. Another person told me that Rachel Scott was dead. I remember Rachel being a very warm, caring, a funny person. She was an actor, a singer, and had a long future ahead of her. It was all brought to a halt. I remember when we were sophmores when we had to disect these baby pig featus's. She was really scared and shaking when they put the pig down in the disection tray, So I tied 2 strings to the pigs arms and made it dance around and sing songs. She thought it was really funny and soon started cutting this poor dead pig apart in all kinds of strange ways. She was also a very talented singer. She was an alto in my choir class when we were sophmores. I heard that the gunmen didnt actually go through the front of the cafateria, but instead walked around and up the stairs where the media showed footage of all the kinds running out of the school. I believe that the gunmen entered the upper doors where Rachel and a boy name Richard were. Richard was quickly gunned down, but didn't die. Richard says that he heard the gunmen ask Rachel if she believed in god, she said "yes" and they soon ended her life.
The most painful of all was knowing that a girl named Cassie was in the library at this time for sure. I was absolutely sure she was in the library when the gunmen entered….
When I was a sophomore, I noticed a new girl in class. Apparently her name was Cassie and she was very pretty and
quite. At the time I didn’t take much notice to her since my attention was usually drawn to Ms. Haggard who always
caught me mouthing off or doing something I shouldn’t have been doing. Then we were given an assignment where you
had to pick a partner and write about something I cannot remember. I was absent when we chose partners, so I wrote
about how I loved snowboarding. Each group of 2 had to stand up and read their paper. I read mine and as usual was
yelled at by Ms. Haggard for screwing around and not writing about the correct topic. Then Cassie stood up and read
her paper alone because she didn’t have a partner. It was about how she was new in Columbine High School and she
tried to explain how unfair it was to have to do a partner assignment when you don’t know anybody. She read her paper with great confidence and didn’t care what anyone thought. After she sat down, some students grumbled and whispered negative comments. Two of my friends even took part in this sickening display, but not I. There was something about this girl that wrote this paper that caused me to stay quite. I wanted to approach her and talk to her everyday of that semester after she read that paper, but I never did. I have never had a problem going up and talking to someone in my entire life until she came along. Weeks past, then months, then the semester ended.
Years past, and I still see Cassie in the hall periodically. Then a few months ago A girl i knew who is friends with Cassie told me I should talk to her because she said Cassie is really nice and an over all cool person. I still had this fear of talking to her. I didn’t understand it. I could probably go up to my principal and recite every bad word I knew, but I couldn’t even say "Hi!" to this girl. Well, one day, and I think somebody planned this, I was after school in the photo room making up work, when she walked in. I figured "what the heck?" and went over and talked to her. I suppose she somehow knew that I liked her. She turned out to be one of, if not, the coolest person I have ever spoken with. I could tell she was nervous because she probably thought I was some sort of freak for telling her I remember a paper she cant even remember writing. I didn’t get any work done that day, but I didn’t care. After time, she became more open and we talked more. After this, I didn’t really know where to go. I would greet her in the hall for the last time a few minutes
before she entered the library on April 20th, 1999.
I have terrible regrets dealing with Cassie in particular. I have no idea and will probably never know how long she was
held in that library until either Eric or Dylan pulled the trigger without even thinking twice. One survivor from the library
told me that when the gunmen got to her and held a gun to her head, they asked her is she believed in god. She stood up quickly and screamed "YES I BELIEVE IN JESUS!" and they killed her. She may have been one of the hostages
destined to die by the hand of one of the gunmen. I felt truly horrible when her name and picture flashed on my screen on April 21st, 1999. I hoped beyond belief that I would have become close friends with her before that day. Now this is impossible.
Isaiah was a senior who I never knew at all. He seemed to be a cool guy. He was black and an athlete, so if he was in
that library, there Is no doubt that the gunmen would target him. He probably would have had a long life to live. His dad
kept his composure while talking about Isaiah on the TV. Hard to imagine.
Mark is a boy that I have known since Kindergarten. He has a twin brother named Mike. Mark was born with a defect in his leg and arm. He couldn’t run at all, but he could walk, and he could only use one of his hands. We was in that library and was shot 2 times in the head and 2 times in the neck. He somehow survived. I can only imagine that he will be even more disabled the rest of his life. This sickens me. He sat In front of me in choir the day he was shot, but by the time high school came around, I was no longer friends with him. I remember how he had dreams of being a racecar driver when he grew up. I wonder if he still had this hope when he was in that library.
There were countless other victims both injured and killed by Eric and Dylan 2 days ago. I am the sort of person who
strives to be in control. Total control is my life goal. Watching the TV that day seeing what the Gunmen had been doing, I felt helpless. It is the first time in my adult life that I have ever felt that there was nothing I could do. My dad was
specifically worried that I would have been in school that day and probably tried something stupid to stop/kill The
gunmen. I would have to agree with him on this one. I look back at the time Eric and Dylan approached me and my
friends, and I wish I would have had someway of knowing that they would do something like this. I probably would have taken personal action to make sure it didn’t happen.
The thought of friends like Mark, Rachel, and Cassie, being victims of this crime haunts me constantly. People say "the
library and had the gun pointed close to me? But one thing sticks in my mind more than anything...As we were driving out of the parking lot at school to go to lunch, I saw Dylan and his old 325i. He was entering the school like nothing was going to happen. Then I made eye contact with him for a split second, and he looked at me with no emotion. I truly had no idea he was soon going to perform the most horrible school massacre in history.

Looking back at that day, where the sound of trumpets played Hells song, I think about how happy I am that so many of my friends and class mates still live to this day. I had a dream of me being in the library. I thought to myself "My god, Im going to die without a chance!" then one of the gunmen placed the gun at my forehead "This is my chance!" and I grabbed the gun like I was trained so many years ago, and then I awoke. Did i suceed in stopping him and suprising the other gunmen who was not looking? Or did I perish? I keep thinking about how this could have been a possibility, but I am truely glad it was not.


Another Student Describes their Story

At the time of the shooting, I was in the lunch room. I was eating my lunch.  Everything was fine that day, me and a few friends were discussing Prom and  stuff. Until we saw Mr. Sanders with a very serious and grim look on his face  and he shouted for everyone to get out...we all ran towards the stairs, as we  heard gunshots. At that time, I didn't know that Mr. Sanders had been shot  down. He was a good teacher, I had him for keyboarding. A bunch of us got out of the school and saw tons of police cars, ambulances,  and SWAT team. It was chaotic. We could hear explosions from outside. My  friend had a cell phone and we called our parents to tell them we were OK. We  waited outside as kids came pouring out of the school screaming with their  hands up. I looked around to find some people who were my friends and found a  couple.
At the time, I didn't know that one of my best friends was trapped inside. I will tell you what she told me. She was trapped inside the bathroom. Her  and some others sat in there for hours hearing gunshots, footsteps, laughter
and even one of the gunmens' voices. She said they all were quiet and very  very scared. The huddled inside stalls being as quiet as they could. After a  few hours and a moment or two of silence the SWAT team came and rescued them.
As she left the school, she had to walk by some victims. She said she saw 2  bodies. They were drenched in a pool of blood. She said she felt like she was  going to pass out. Everyone felt the same way. I would call it shock.
The killings were gruesome and nasty.
I think that everyone should STOP blaming guns, music, television, computer  games, etc. Dylan and Eric did this mainly because they were pissed off.  Pissed off at the world for the way they were treated. They even said
why they did it, yet everyone wants to blame other things that aren't even the reason. Anyone who has gone to high school should be able to see that kids  are MEAN, especially the popular ones, and if you aren't exactly like
them, you are nothing, and they make sure you get treated like it. I'm not saying   ALL popular people are like this, but some are. This, I believe, is the   reason the gunmen did what they did. In a sick way, I feel sorry for them and   their feelings of dispair. I hope in the future, people will open their eyes   and teach their children to respect others, and so on and so forth.
Thank you for giving me this chance to tell the world what happened and how I feel about it.

Name withheld.
Littleton, CO


Hey there...Ok heres my story of what I saw.

Well I was sitting in Social Studies class, and all of a sudden we heard all these loud noises coming from down the hall. We thought there was an explosion in the cafe or something so me and my friend asked my teacher if we  could check it out. Well when we were walking towards the cafe/library we  heard alot more of those loud noises and thats when we saw these 2 guys  dressed all in black rumming around with guns... me and my friend thought It was some kind of joke at first, so we were gonna turn around and go back to class, then one of them ran up behind this girl infront of us and held a gun to her head and asked her if she wanted to die. then somebody ran infront of them screaming and he shot the guy instead and the other girl ran away.

thats when the school janitor and my coach came running out and told us all  to get down to the ground and cover our heads. then the 2 guys went running  in to the library, and thats when they told us to run as quickly as we could out the back door, where we all waited outside for more instrustions. thats  when the janitor and coach ran back inside to help others. Thats basically All I went through.


"First they threw a pipe bomb into the library and then they said, 'All the jocks stand up. We are go ing to kill you,' '' he said. "Nobody stood up.'' "It's like they were having the time of their lives,'' Cohn said. "They said they'd never had so much fun. They talked about how long they had been waiting to do this. They'd shoot someone and then start hooting and hollering.'' One of the shooters walked up to girl as she cowered under a desk."He leaned over and said "Peeka boo,' and he shot her in the neck,'' Kirkland said. Cassie Bernal, an 18-year-old se nior known to bring her Bible to school, was praying when one of the killer's asked her if she be lieved in God. "I heard her say yes and then I heard a shot,'' Cohn said. She died. "They ... pointed a gun at my head and asked if I was a jock. They said it's
revenge time on jocks for making us outcasts,'' Todd said. "They were asking people why they should let them live. I said I had no problem with them. Obviously I was B.S.-ing for my life, because obviously I have a big problem with what they do.'' "I wasn't looking up, but I saw the gun barrel pointed at my head. They had just shot Isaiah like three times. They kept asking if he was dead and then they'd shoot him again in the head. "Is he dead?' "No.' Boom. He was right next to me. They said: 'Look at that (kid's) brains. Cool.' '' 'Maybe we should start knifing people. That would be funner,' '' Todd said he heard one of the killers say.


I was in math class. It was about 11:15 and we were joking that it would be nice to get out of this hard test we were getting ready to take. Then we heard sounds like fire crackers. Someone said, " Oh man, someone must really
not wanna take a test!" We were all laughing and joking. Then someone ran down the hall screaming that there were people with guns and bombs. We freaked. We looked like crazy people. Finally, my teacher was smart
enough to lock the door. We heard screams and laughing and gun shots and explosions. We hid in teh back of the room and prayed. Some of us cried and some wrote letters to their families. One guy had a cell phone and he called the police and then his family. We all wanted to call outr families but we were afraid that the gunmen would hear us. We silently turned the TV on with no sound and watched the events unfold. We stayed in there fpr about three hours before we were freed. We saw bloody bodies on the way. Some were alive, some you couldnt tell. Turned out later they were all alive.
When we got outside we ran to the police area and were checked out. I had to step over a dead kid on the sidewalk. We thenwere bussed to the elem.school. I told my parents I wanted to wait for my friends. It was terrible, both the wait and the eventually news taht some were dead.

Kristen- 16 Jr.

Read what another survivor Jen LaPlante had to say

These are the documents showing Mark Manes' subsequent arrest after police got wind he
had sold Eric and Dylan the weapons used in the Columbine High massacre. He was later


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