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Grieving Public Seeks Ways to Say Goodbye to the JFK They Knew - Washington Post (07/22/99)
For Senator and Nephew, an Especially Close Link - NY Times (registration req'd) (07/22/99)
Public Price for the Loss of a Kennedy - NY Times (registration req'd) (07/22/99)
Burial at Sea - ABC (07/22/99)
Public Lives: Democrats React to Kennedy Crash - NY Times (registration req'd) (07/22/99)
Kennedys buried at sea - BBC (07/22/99)
Kennedys Board Cutter On Way To Sea Burial - Reuters (07/22/99)
Small, closed funeral for Kennedy, wife - Chicago Tribune (07/22/99)
Kennedy will be returned to sea - The Times (UK) (07/22/99)
Kennedys Gather for Burial at Sea - AP (07/22/99)
Bodies Found in Kennedy Plane; Cremation Is Planned - NY Times (registration req'd) (07/22/99)
JFK Jr. burial at sea today - CNN (07/22/99)
Bodies Retrieved, Kennedys Prepare To Bury JFK Jr. - Reuters (07/22/99)
Clinton Recalls Tour With JFK Jr. - AP (07/22/99)
JFK Death Spurs Bids For Old Papers, Even Domains - Reuters (07/22/99)

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