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Rose for Hall of Fame, Gray for Hall of Shame

I was drying tears from my eyes one minute... then yelling at the TV the next! I don't know NBC Sports chose to have announcer Jim Gray ruin one of the most touching moments in Sports History when he interviewed Pete Rose after the Century Team event before today's World Series game.

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Here is a photo of the jerk

This site is dedicated to Pete Rose and the sad interview he had to go through during Game 2 World Series. Join in our quest to get Jim Gray fired from NBC, since he is the world's worst reporter. Please join us in the fight to get Pete Rose in the Hall of Fame where he belongs!

We also want to congradulate Yankees' Chad Curtis for his revenge interview with Mr. Annoying Gray. We hope all athletes and coaches will boycott interviews with this freak, after seeing this webpage.



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Here is a photo of the victim Pete Rose, one of baseball's best

  ``Because of what happened with Pete, we decided not to say anything,'' said Curtis, who along with other Yankees was not pleased with Gray's badgering of Rose during an interview before Game 2 in Atlanta Sunday after Rose received an enormous ovation for being selected to baseball's All-Century team. Gray shouted, ``Don't you want to talk about your home run?'' But Curtis did not turn around; he did shout, ``This one's for you, grandma,'' before racing into the New York dugout.
  It was so bad, NBC's Bob Costas did not acknowledge the incident when coverage was sent back to the booth.

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No need to explain how we all feel about this tragedy

Gray's sad sad interview...............

Gray asked Rose, banned in 1989 for gambling, why he hasn't admitted that he bet on baseball.

``I'm not going to admit to something that didn't happen,'' said Rose, baseball's career hits leader. ``I know you're getting tired of hearing me say that. It's too festive a night to worry about it.''

``I mean, show it to me, where is it?,'' Rose asked.

Responded Gray: ``But you agreed to a ban from baseball for life.''

``It also says I can apply for reinstatement in one year. I was looking forward to that day,'' Rose answered.

Rose applied to commissioner Bud Selig two years ago and has not gotten a formal response.

``It's only been two years. He's got a lot of things on his mind,'' Rose said.

Selig has indicated he does not intend to reinstate Rose.

Gray then suggested Rose should perhaps take a different approach by admitting guilt. Rose said, ``You say it hasn't worked, what do you mean?''

Rose seemed surprised by Gray's approach, likening it to a ``prosecutor's brief.''

``You know, I'm surprised you're bombarding me with this,'' he said. ``I'm here to do an interview with you on a great night, a great occasion. You're bringing up something that happened 10 years ago.''

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Chad Curtis blows off Jim Gray.

New York Yankees outfielder Chad Curtis, hero of Tuesday night's World Series game, refused to answer questions from NBC reporter Jim Gray in protest of Gray's contentious interview with Pete Rose Sunday night.

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