Gumby and Pokey Trivia

#1 Q. Why is Gumby's head slanted?
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Art Clokey based Gumby's head on a picture of his father that was taken back in the early 1900s. His father had a cowlick on one side that looked like a bump.
Art Clokey's father, the inspiration for Gumby's head

"This picture of my father fascinated me as a child. I thought the shape (of his hair) would fascinate kids." -Art Clokey

#2 Q. What are the letters on the side of the blockheads heads?
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J and G

#3 Q. What are the three names of Gumby's Closest Friends?
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Pokey, Prickle, and Goo

#4 Q. How tall is Gumby?
Gumby is 7" tall!
"I finally settled on a seven inch Gumby, as this turned out to be the easiest to work with." - Art Clokey

#5 Q. What is the name of Gumby's dog?

#6 Q. In what book do Gumby & the gang enter to get to their farm?
Down on the Farm

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