Gumby and Pokey History

In 1955 Art Clokey,a teacher who had done Dinah Shore animation and a jazz video in clay called Gumbasia was approached by Art Engel of  20th Century Fox to do a clay series. It turned up on Howdy Doody (1947-60).This, of course,was Gumby. Pokey was added a few years episodes later (1956) as were the Blockheads. It continued as a 1957 series on NBC with Pinky Lee and Scotty McKee (as 'Clarabelle Clown' from Howdy Doody, in no way to be mixed up with Walt Disney's near-forgotten Clarabelle Cow or Clara Cluck!). It was syndicatedsporadically afterward. In 1966 four new ones,the only ones I might add with closing credits were made. Art Clokey's favorite episodes were: GUMBY CROSSES THE DELAWARE (remember Gumburgers?), POKEY'S PRICE, PILGRIMS ON THE ROCKS, and SON OF LIBERTY were made, though I don't remember in which order -- probably obviously from the titles for the most part!). Dallas McKennon voiced Gumby in these and in the others (he did Pokey in these and others).   

An extremely prolific character actor, Dallas McKennon (often known as simply "Dal" McKennon, misspelled on Gumby credits as Dal "McKinnon") worked often for Walter Lantz, Walt Disney, UPA and some others to say the least. He also did Daniel Boone and worked for Will Vinton's Claymation(TM).

The ratings were so good that in 1967 Clokey created and did (with Pete Kleinow and Ray Peck rounding out the production team) a whole new Gumby. These are the ones that introduced the little yellow dinosaur, Prickle,
and the little blue mermaid (Gumby's original girlfriend) Goo.

Nopey, the little dog who only said "NO!" and a short lived mad scientist (sounding not unlike Bela Lugosi as Count Dracula) known as Doctor Zveegee were among others rounding out the pack. Dick Beals was by now doing Gumby.Originally Capitol Records & John Seely Associates lent their music libraries. These were mixed in with some other music, perhaps by Kleinow who had written the Gumby theme (sorely replaced on the recent series).

(As according to a 1986 LA times article. This also mentioned the then-upcoming Gumby feature, now on home video AND in movies, distributedby a very small company, Arrow Releasing),

In 1968 the show had went into syndication, Clokey had been since 1959 doingthe highly acclaimed religious Davey and Goliath..using the same voice cast (Dal McKennon, Dick Beals, Norma MacMillan, Nancy Wible, Ginny Tyler, Hal Smith,and Art Clokey himself on Gumby,and (2),(3),(5),and (6) on D&G).The above music libraries were used on both. In 1979 Clokey visited Sai Baba and then he did the new series. Controversial among fans like me for resound-tracking it it did have a certain charm in the new episodes.

The feature, long discussed, is finally out. In select theatres though. Perhaps it's just as well. You can always get the cassettes with the original soundtracks. (Ironically many commercials and several Nickelodeon shows, like
WELCOME FRESHMEN & REN AND STIMPY and bits of CLARISSA EXPLAINS IT ALL's first opener used the library at a time when Gumby itself has been shown on the same network in that awful resound-tracked version!)

Anyway,that's my comment,.


GUMBY (1956-1958;1961;1966,1967;1988)
Creator,Producer,writer,director,voice.......Arthur Clokey
Writers,Directors,and Head Animators.........Ray Peck/Pete Kleinow
Writer (four episodes listed below)/animator.Ralph Rodine
Animation....................................Jim Danforth,Harry Egbgleston
and others
Music........................................John Seely Associates through
1960s and as noted by an
asterisk (*)
(and probably in those early
episodes by Capitol's
much-used music library,too)
and someone else's
in most from 1966-67
Jerry Gerber
(1988 and the current Gumby

Gumby(1950s)/most early females.......Ginny Tyler/Nancy Wible/Norma MacMillian
Pokey (1956-1957;1988)/most males.....Art Clokey
Pokey (1960s) & most 60s males........Dallas McKennon
Prickle...............................Dallas McKennon/Art Clokey
Goo...................................Norma Mac Millan
Gumby...1960s.........................Hal Smith/Dal McKennon/Dick Beals

Moon Trip
(introduces Gumbo, Gumba,and of course, Gumby)1956

Gumby on the Moon 1956
Trapped on the Moon 1956
Mirrorland 1956
Lost and Found 1956
Little Lost Pony 1956
(first with Pokey,Farmer Glenn, and Blockheads)
The Blockheads (1956 until noted)
Too Loo
Gopher Trouble
The Fantastic Farmer
Gumby Concerto
Yard Work Made Easy
Robot Rumpus
Lion Around
Lion Drive
Toy Crazy
Toy Joy
Mysterious Fires
Black Knight
Eggs and Trixie (with Trixie)
Egg Trouble (with trixie and guest appearance by Pokey)
Odd Ball
Outcast Marbles
In a Fix
Gumby Business
Toying Around
Train Troubles
Toy Fun
Toy Capers
The Kachinas
Rain Spirits
Gumby Racer
Racing Game
Magic Wand
Magic Show
How Not to Trap Lions
Mocking Monkey,the
Pokey Express,the
Indian Trouble
Tree Trouble
Eager Beavers
Even Steven
The Zoops

Chicken Feed
The Groobee
King For a Day
Sad King Ott's Daughter
Lawn Party
Hot Rod Granny
Who's What?
Treasure for Henry
Witty Witch
Dragon Witch
Rain for Roo
The Glob
The Small Planets

Scrooge Loose
Ricochet Pete
Pigeon in a Plum Tree
(Voices by Dal McKennon)
Santa Witch
(Pokey only and Sybil the seal)
(All voices by Dallas McKennon in these four)
Gumby Crosses the Delaware
Son of Liberty
Pokey's Price
Pilgrims on the Rocks

1967 (Dick Beals is Gumby for the remainder of the show)
Missile Bird
Goo for Pokey
Gumby for President
Gumby Fire Department
A Hair Raising Adventure
Good Night Story
Gabby Auntie*
All Broken up
Foxy box
Ferris Wheel Mystery
Behind the Puff Ball
Haunted Hot Dog (introduces the dog who would be known as Nopey)
Puppy Talk
Puppy Dog School
Sticky Pokey
Wishful Thinking
Turnip Trap
Groobee Fight
Mason Hornet
Making Squares
Bully for Gumby*
Of Clay and Critters*
Weight and See
Pokey Minds the Baby
School for Squares
Tail Tale
The Indian Challenge
Siege of Boonesboro
Gold Rush Gumby*
A Bone for Nopey*
Stuck on Books*
El Toro
The Reluctant Gargoyles
Prickle's Problem (introducing Dr.Zveegee)
The Old Piano Rolling Blues
The Moon Boggles (introduces Moon Boggles)
Moon Madness
Hot Ice
Prickle Turns artist
Mystic Magic
Tricky Train
Tricky Ball
Dopey Nopey
(*music by John Seely Associates who also did the 1950S music.
Additional voices,BTW were Hal Smith,Ginny Tyler)
(there might have been other 1960s that I forgot.)

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