Warning: Although not rated, Faces of Death's graphic intensity
may not be suitable for viewers under 18, or those with weak hearts.
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Faces of Death Videos
Includes complete set

Faces of Death I - The original classic is probably the most talked about video release of all time. Faces of Death captures the many portraits of death closeup. Sure to shock, horrify and even repulse; those who dare view this brutal film must do so at their own risk.

Faces of Death I - Highlights include a vicious pitbull fight, cute baby seals being clubbed to death, a monkey's skull being cracked open, a man setting himself on fire, an electrocution, San Francisco cult weirdos munching on human internal organs, a suicidal jumper taking his final leap, a visit to a slaughterhouse, a man being mangled by an alligator and a visit to an autopsy room.

Faces of Death II - Highlights include Guerrilla death squads in El Salvador, napalm bombings in Vietnam, a monkey being shot up with drugs, dolphins being slaughtered, footage after a horrible train disaster in India, Cambodian leprosy victims, a death museum, a driver high on PCP, and a boxer going down for the last and final count.

Faces of Death III - Highlights include blood and guts on the German Autobahn, drug smugglers getting blown away by the Coast Guard in the Florida Everglades, a parachutist landing in a crocodile pit, torture and murder in El Salvador, a PCP addict getting stoned, a videotaped rape/murder, a car thief getting ripped apart, limb from limb, by two junkyard dogs.

....And much much more!


The Original Shockumentary Is Back With a 30th Anniversary Edition DVD

It began as a graphic exploration of the one destiny we cannot escape. It would soon become the most controversial, critically reviled and fastest selling documentary in home video history. Parents tried to stop it. Video stores had to hide it. Yet across the nation, millions found ways to secretly watch it...if they dared. Renowned pathologist Dr. Frances B. Gr�ss is your guide to the most bizarre and grisly death scenes ever recorded, from executions, assassinations and mass murder to suicide, disease and disasters. Three decades later, is it hardcore gross-out, elaborate hoax or still the ultimate forbidden movie? One thing is certain: you will never forget the original FACES OF DEATH!

New HD transfer from extremely rare vault materials.
Includes never-before-seen bonus features that will lift the veil on the most discussed/debated documentary in history.

Faces of Death Collection (Vols. 1-4) (1981)