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Elmo Trivia
Elmo Loves You
Tickle Me Elmo
My ABC Elmo
Hug Elmo
Tell Elmo a Story
Elmo Wants to Play
Sunny Days Elmo
Tell Elmo a Secret
Youre Elmo's Sweetheart
Hug and Kiss
Elmo gives you a kiss
Lets Play
Elmo Laughs
Splish Splash
Elmo Sings his Song
Elmo Loves you

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Tickle Me Elmo Doll
New version of Elmo toy laughs, rolls, and more when tickled. Movement combinations reveal secret surprises; rhyming cards hint at the right combinations.
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Elmo Sounds
Listen to many sounds of Elmo talking including him laughing, singing, and his most famous line of being tickled.
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The Best of Elmo DVD
The Sesame Street character has fun singing some catchy new songs (you and your toddler just might, too), explaining the difference between light and heavy, having a laugh over pictures and numbers, and sharing the screen with a good-natured Whoopi Goldberg and Julia Roberts.

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Tickle Me Elmo
Cute little trick of tickling me with the mouse cursor and hear me laugh and giggle!

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