Rare Clinton Photos

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The photos the Clinton's do not want you to see!!

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Clinton Kills

Why Bill Clinton sleeps around


Clinton handling his job well


Hillary Clinton sleeping around?


Clinton/Gore bonding together


Bill Clinton in style



Psst...Hillary, ya got something busting out


NEW Bill Clinton Sex Dollar Bills are here!

Clinton ScreenSaver

What does Bill say to Hillary after sex?
--I'll be home in twenty minutes.
Why does Bill Clinton wear underwear?

--To keep his ankles warm.
Realization of from another White House intern . . .

--And all that time I thought that humming was the shredder!
Why was Monica Lewinsky in the White House after hours?

--Clinton was showing her the proper way to take "dic"tation.
What was President Clinton's explanation for having oral sex with Monica Lewinsky?

--"They told me she was the "head" intern!"
What's the recipe for Clinton stew?

--A small weenie in hot water.
What do Monica and Bill Clinon have most in common?

--They're both going down.
Someone ask Clinton if he was going back to Arkansas after this is all over.

--He said he thought he would stay in D.C. and poke around for a while.
Why does Bill drink so much coffee?

--He is required to "stay up" for many hours to satisfy the needs of his staff.
How did Clinton exercise his position as Commander-in-Chief?

--By barking out orders . . . like "Get Under the Desk!"
Don't feel sorry for Monica......

--She'll be back "on her knees" in no time!
Why did Bill get into this problem?

--He didn't know that harass was one word.
Clinton Presidential Anthem --

--Kneel to the Chief
What's the difference between Watergate and Zippergate?

--At least this time, there's no doubt about the identity of "Deep Throat."
Why did Monica Lewinsky accept an offer to work on the White House staff?

--She didn't understand know what STAFF he really meant.
Who's going to score first in the Super Bowl?

--The Denver Broncos or the Green Bay Packers? Bill Clinton
What's Hillary's new nickname for Bill's penis?

--"The Titanic" - because over 1500 interns went down on it.
What is Clinton's new Secret Service Code Name?

How does Hillary feel?

--She may be the FIRST LADY, but she won't be the LAST
What advice did Yasar Arafat give President Clinton in their meeting on January 22, 1998?

--"Bill....Goats don't talk!!"

Monica as a teenager

Gore examining Miss Lewinsky


Hillary, Chelsea, and the national anthem


Chelsea sitting around


Hillary putting on perfume



Whip it, whip it good!



Clinton getting interupted by Chelsea

It's storytime children!