Rocky and Bullwinkle Characters


 Bullwinkle is seemingly dense and ignorant, yet he is very wise about some things, as is evident in his jokes and puns. Most of the time, however, he gets by on sheer luck.

He is Bullwinkle J. Moose, citizen of Frostbite Falls, Minnesota, president of Moosylvania, best pal of Rocket J. Squirrel. He collects box tops, is an avid birdwatcher, has the mark of Rue Brittania on his foot, and is known for being the stupidest in America. Bullwinkle spends most of his time with Rocky, trying to catch the bad guys, Boris Badenov and Natasha Fatale.

Bullwinkle is brown and fuzzy, doesn't always wear clothing, but wears size 22 shoes. He is currently retired but spends some time at Universal Studios, with whom he has a contract. Bullwinkle is single.


 Rocky is a brainy squirrel. Actually, he's a flying squirrel. He lives with his best pal, Bullwinkle Moose, in Frostbite Falls.

Rocky is the one who does all the figuring on the show. He is a real sleuth, Boris and Natasha's imminent downfall. Rocky can fly, too, with Bullwinkle's help of a boost. He never goes anywhere without his cap and goggles.

Rocky is gray, and unlike what some sources say, his nose is gray, too, not black. He is a single squirrel.


 Boris is a mean evil schnook. That's all he is. He works with fellow Pottsylvanian Natasha Fatale in order to do mean things to the world. Usually they get into a run-in with our heroes Rocky and Bullwinkle, who defend the innocent from their evil plans. Boris has no friends. Just enemies, or so he says. He is only slightly taller than Rocky and wears a black suit and hat. There is yet to be an episode of "Rocky and Bullwinkle" in which Boris wins at the end. He is generally unlucky.


 Natasha is a mean lady. She works with Boris Badenov in order to make the world a mean place. She is tall and does not seem to have much independence. It figures, since she works for Fearless Leader!

Natasha doesn't seem to have a strong character. Boris can have scenes without her, but she cannot have scenes without him in them. Little is known about Natasha, besides her strong Pottsylvanian heritage and her tendency to meanness. Natasha is tall and slender with dark hair. There's talk that her character had something to do with the affects of the Cold War on Americans, but according to her, she knows no such thing!


 Dudley Do-Right is the hero of the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mountie Police) camp in which he lives and works to fight crime. His arch nemesis is the evil Snidely Whiplash, a gray fellow who has one thing on his mind....mischief. Dudley is constantly in pursuit of him, weither Snidely is robbing banks or tying little old ladies to railroad tracks.

Dudley's superior, the respectful Inspector Fenwick, has a lovely daughter, Nell, who is Dudley's lady friend. She is kind and sweet, and really likes Dudley's horse, "Horse," a lot.

Dudley has received many awards for his bravery. Hopefully someday he can catch Snidely Whiplash and keep him behind bars.

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